Dallas Stars Farm System Ranked 24th By ESPN

No love for the Stars stable of prospects.

We're in the middle of doing our own Community Prospect rankings, and Corey Pronman of ESPN is right on cue adding more context for us. Today he ranked all 30 teams across the league. He has the Stars at number 24 in this Insider piece.


I understand the logic, but it seems like a stretch to say that there are only five teams with worse systems than the Stars. We'll see more of the logic behind it when the full detailed list comes out later.

Thinking about the system, it has gone back to more of what it looked like before the arrival of Val Nichushkin. The high upside guys aren't there, but there are so many guys that feel like NHL players here. Are there really 24 systems with more potential NHL talent than the Stars?

The good news here in that last sentence. Prospects have lost prospect-y status by graduating to the NHL. So, there's that. The NHL club should be good so the lack of prospect love should hurt less.

So, I don't know. These rankings, no matter who does them, always catch me by surprise. They always seem random and arbitrary. Pronman's are almost always the best, and it will be interesting to see how others view the system. Maybe the system really is bad. Time will tell.