Dallas Stars Defeated By Minnesota Wild 2-1, Off Until Friday

The Dallas Stars lose 2-1, but now get to rest until Friday.

The Minnesota Wild came to town and picked up two points thanks in large part to goaltender Devan Dubnyk. For a good portion of the night the Dallas Stars simply looked like a tired team in need of a break. Nine games have been played since Christmas and it looks like the wear and tear is adding up. But only six games are on the schedule between now and Groundhog Day, and I'm not sure if that could come at a better time.

The Stars came out firing in the first period. They attempted 32 shots in the first period against only eight for the Wild. They even appeared to have a goal, but it was waived off because apparently we've traveled back to 1999 and it's illegal to stand near the goaltender. John Klingberg was robbed of a goal without Antoine Roussel actually touching Dubnyk, and that would ultimately be the difference in the game.

Is that one play the only reason the Stars lost? Of course not, no, but it certainly didn't help. The period ended tied 0-0, but that wouldn't last for much longer. Ryan Carter scored three minutes into the second period ahead of Thomas Vanek's goal eleven minutes in. The second period ended 2-0, and it didn't look like things were going to end well.

The third period sputtered along until the Stars were put on the powerplay late. After pulling Antti Niemi for the extra attacker Jamie Benn cut the deficit to 2-1. The Stars would come close to tying it several more times over the final few minutes, but they couldn't penetrate Dubnyk.

A tired Stars team gets to rest now for most of the next week. They don't take the ice again until Friday against the Anaheim Ducks. Turnovers were a big problem tonight. Klingberg's disallowed goal was a big problem, but on the other hand Tyler Seguin managed to not get a penalty for swinging for the fences with Jared Spurgeon's jaw so it all eventually evens out.

The broadcast mentioned one key point repeatedly as the game wound down: before the Stars play again the Blackhawks could tie for the division with three games between now and the next time the Stars hit the ice. It's January and the Central Division has good teams. The fun times are about the begin. After a week of rest we should see the team we've watched all year come back in a few days.