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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Brett Ritchie Finding Success

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After yesterday's focus on a Stars prospect that will be NHL ready next year, we now take a look at one who is just beginning his career in the AHL -- but is no less impressive.

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Nick Laham

As the second round of the AHL playoffs gets under way tonight, the Stars organization can spend some time focusing on their prospects down in Austin, and how they are developing. While there are plenty of names on the Texas Roster that will likely be playing in Dallas next season, there are a number of others who impressed in the lower leagues, and are just not making their AHL debut. One of those players is Brett Ritchie.

Ritchie was drafted in the 2nd Round (44th overall) by the Stars in 2011, and has been impressing all those who watch him. While his first season (2011-2012) after being drafted was on par with what was expected, he has seemingly found a whole new level of play this year. He went from averaging a point a game to nearly 1.5 in the following season. So what cause this uptick in scoring?

Mark Stepneski has more on Ritchie's development:

Ritchie said the seeds of his successful OHL season were planted last summer, when he spent time training with one of the leaders in high performance conditioning.

"I think it started in the offseason when I started working out with Gary Roberts," Ritchie said. "I felt really good coming into this season and I felt I was due for a big year."

His performance in the first half of the season with Niagara helped him land a spot on Canada's roster for the 2013 World Junior Championship in Ufa, Russia. Ritchie had 4 points (1 goal, 3 assists) and a plus-3 rating in 6 games for Canada, which lost to Russia in the bronze medal game.

"That was a good experience. It was something I really wanted to do, that was a goal of mine at the start of the year," he said. "Obviously we wanted gold and didn't get that, but you still learn a lot and even through losing, you come back stronger and learn from the experience. I took a lot from it."

By now, most Stars fans who are entirely too obsessed with hockey (i.e. many of you reading this blog daily even though it's the offseason) are familiar with Gary Roberts. If you're not, though, here's a basic background on him: He is essentially a strength and conditioning coach, who is at the top of his game. More than that, he is a lifestyle coach for players. He teaches them the importance of the foods they eat, when and how they eat it, when and how to excercise... and his is extremely effective. So much so, that over the last few years he has worked with several different teams and their players. He has a contract with the Stars right now, though I am unsure of whether or not it is exclusive. At any rate, he is extremely effective, and having him working with the prospects in Dallas is a huge boon for the organization. But I digress...

Brett Ritchie has obviously benefited from that training, and continues to improve. During his short time in Austin so far, he has been impressive to watch. He has one of only four Texas Stars players to score a goal in the first round. The other three names we know well -- Kevin Connauton, Alex Chiasson, and Matt Fraser. Not a bad list to be on right now.

While there are plenty of players on the Texas roster who will be playing in Dallas come October, Stars fans should not get their hopes up on Ritchie being on that list just yet. He is just now getting a taste of professional hockey, and needs more time to develop. He is still incredibly young, too. He is 19 as of this writing, though he will turn 20 before next season begins. (OHL players cannot turn pro until they are 20, so his summer birthday works out perfectly.) With as young as he is, there is no need to rush him to Dallas, especially with the amount of wingers the Stars currently have available.

In the meantime, Stars fans should keep an eye on him, as he looks to build off of everything he has learned so far. He is one of the top prospects currently in the Stars system, and further proof that the future is bright indeed for Dallas.

Make sure you read Mark Stepneski's whole story on Ritchie, as there is far more to learn about him if you are unfamiliar with his story and development.

Coming up in today's links: a preview of tonight's matchup down in Austin, World Championship updates, and overtime madness in the NHL.

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