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Dallas Stars Daily Links: LA Kings & St. Louis Blues Exciting To Watch

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The first round is over half way to completion now. If you had to focus on only one series the rest of the way, this should be it.


Up to this point, there are a lot of tight races in both the Eastern and Western Conference. In fact, the only team that is in danger of being swept is the Vancouver Canucks, who trail the Sharks 0-3. The other seven series in the first round are either tied up at 2-2, or are hanging on at 2-1.

And while a lot of them have compelling story lines for Stars fans (Bruins, Penguins, etc.), there is no series playing more exciting hockey right now than the Blues and the Kings. Every single game has been a 1 goal game. The only time the Blues and Kings have led by more than one goal during a game was last night, and that was for only 5:01 of playing time. Two of the games had a goal in the last minute to either tie it, or take the lead. The other two games had an empty net with some great scoring chances in that final 60 seconds.

In other words, it's exactly the kind of close game you come to expect when Ken Hitchcock is one of the coaches behind the bench.

Last night, the Kings outgunned the Blues in order to take the lead in the final frame. Curtis Zupke has more on the power of the top line for LA.

The confetti fell from the rafters for the first time since the team raised the Cup last June. The top line of Williams, Kopitar and Brown, plus Carter, combined for 15 of L.A.'s 29 shots.

"That's what they're supposed to do," coach Darryl Sutter said. "That's what the series is about. If you covered the playoffs last year, it's about big goals - not who scores them, but at the same time, who normally leads your team in scoring. You have to be close to that."

St. Louis didn't take advantage of plenty on the night. T.J. Oshie, who had no goals in 16 previous postseason games, scored twice to give St. Louis a 3-2 lead going into the third period. He pounced on a rebound from the right side at 5:46 of the second after Vladimir Sobotka took the shot on a rush.

Elliott backstopped St. Louis superbly in a second period that was played mostly in the Blues' end. He made a right-to-left leg stop on Kopitar and another when Richards partially fanned, but still put it on net. Then the third period arrived and St. Louis seemed helpless.

"I think it was just a continuation of the second period, to be honest with you," St. Louis coach Ken Hitchcock said. "They took the game to another level. Tonight we didn't have answer.

"We made two mistakes, two really poor mistakes to give them odd-man rushes to get them back in the game. But even when it's 3-2, they were playing better than we were."

If you had to put any money on a series going the full seven games, this is probably it. With the series tied 2-2, the teams head back to St. Louis for the pivotal Game 5. I'd ask who Stars fans are rooting for, but I'm pretty sure the answer is "Not the Kings."

Coming up in today's links: Former Stars players in the playoffs, World championship updates, and some of the Stars go golfing for a cause.

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  • Finally, for your video of the day, we have Vernon Fiddler, Eric Nystrom, Jamie Benn, and Alex Goligoski out playing golf for "Links for Leukemia." It's a pretty good cause, so check it out below.