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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Playoff Races Heat Up, And World Championships Are Under Way

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Despite the Dallas Stars' season being over all too soon, there is still plenty of hockey left to watch, as multiple leagues are still going strong.

Richard Wolowicz

With the off season officially here in Dallas, there will be little to no news about the team for the next month and a half (except, of course, the much anticipated jersey reveal). However, for the hockey obsessed like ourselves, there is still plenty to watch and cheer for as we approach the mid part of the year. As a result, the links are going to look a little bit different today, as we discuss some of the more compelling stories developing this week.

  • For Dallas fans, you can follow the young guns down in Austin, as they begin their second round of AHL playoffs this Thusday. They will be facing off against the Oklahoma City Barons. If you have not made it to a game at Cedar Park down in Austin, I would highly recommend it. The atmosphere is usually pretty intense. You can check out a full schedule here. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • The Texas Stars format for this next round will be a 2-3-2 set, which means the first two games will be in Austin, the middle three in OKC, and the remaining two (if needed) back down in Austin. Due to some scheduling conflicts, the Barons don't get to have a weekend game at home, which could mean a sparse crowd when the T-Stars come to visit. Road trip, anyone? [Hundred Dregree Hockey]
  • Meanwhile, the World Championships are well under way, and there are five Dallas Stars players currently representing their countries. Unfortunately, on the opening night, Loui Eriksson and Antoine Roussel were on the wrong side of the scoreboard, as both Sweden and France lost to their opponents. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • Brenden Dillon and Stephane Robidas had much better luck, though, playing for team Canada. They are playing together as the top defensive line for Canada, which means that their level of play, while unnoticed by media in the NHL, is greatly appreciated by the other coaches and teammates. Philip Larsen did not arrive in time for Denmark's first game, but should be available for their next. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • For a full schedule of the World Championship, you can follow this link. As things progress in the tournament, it is likely more games will be televised/live-streamed. [TSN]
  • On the NHL side of things, most of the series are becoming interesting, as even the NY Islanders found a way to defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins -- and that was WITH Crosby returning and scoring two goals. That's an impressive feat. [ESPN]
  • For San Jose, Raffi Torres is having a pretty good impact -- and this time, that impact is on the scoresheet, and not somebody's face. Rim Shot. [TSN]
  • In preparation of today's game, make sure you catch up on the incredible insights of Battle Of Cali. I think there's a Sharks blog around here somewhere, but I'm get too lost in this article to check. [Battle Of Cali]
  • If you want to see some great hockey being played, you better tune into the rest of the first round. All of the games played yesterday were proof that the league doesn't need ten goals a game to make it exciting. The Capitals started the day off right with a 1-0 overtime win against the Rangers. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Back on the East side of things, Boston unfortunately dropped game 2 against the Leafs. However, they did have a pretty cool opening ceremony, as Jeff Bauman (From the Boston Marathon) was out there showing his Bruins pride. If you're not sure who this man is, he lost both his legs in the bombing, and woke up in the hospital and immediately identified the suspects. Talk about a hero. [Puck Daddy]
  • In what has Quickly (get it?!) turned into the best series of the playoffs, the St. Louis Blues and the Los Angeles Kings battled their way to another one goal game. This time, though, Quick was perfect as the Kings won 1-0. Rats. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Red Wings embarrassed themselves in front of their home crowd yesterday. Not only did they lose to the Ducks by a score of 4-0 (which is good or bad, depending on who you loathe more), but they also decided to cheapen things up with a suspendable hit. You guys know my rants about the lack of enforcement across the NHL, so I'll spare you this time. All I'll say is that this is what the league has encouraged by omission. Watch the video here, and let me know what you think. [Puck Daddy]
  • For your video of the day, here is one of the more incredible goals I think I've ever seen. Not only is it Ovi-esque with him falling, but he had zero margin for error to get it through. I love playoffs.