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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Consistency Is Key

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Tom Gaglardi talks about the Stars needing to have some consistency -- a trait that has not been attributed to this team for quite some time.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last five seasons, the Dallas Stars have been anything but consistent.

One year, the team on the ice was not even able to win three games in a row (and, had they actually accomplished it just once, they would have made the playoffs).

There has also been a huge amount of roster turnover from year to year. Part of this was due to the budgetary constraints placed on the Stars, and the short term contract they kept signing. The other piece was that there were still very few prospects coming up to Dallas at that point in time. As Brandon mentioned the other day, there were only seven players on the roster for the final games of the season that were also on the team at the beginning of the previous year. When you have 66% roster turnover in under two years, it is extremely difficult to get something built.

Now, though, the hope is that all of this is about to change. For the first time in a long while, the roster is essentially set for the next year. Nearly every player is on contract for at least one more year. This doesn't mean that there won't be any trades or surprises during the summer, of course, but it generally means there won't be that many FA splashes.

The real trick will be making sure that this sort of consistency continues beyond next season, but becomes a regular way of life for the organization. In addition, it needs to become a stable roster that can compete with the other teams in the league on a regular basis.

That was exactly why Jim Nill was brought on board for the Dallas Stars. Fewer teams have been more consistent over the last two decades than the Detroit Red Wings. In fact, it's part of the reason that Dallas fans despise them so much. They are always good, and they have a large (usually bandwagon) fanbase that appears in every arena in the NHL. It has everything to do with their consistent ability to reach the playoffs. 21 straight seasons is no small feat.

Tom Gaglardi recently spoke with Ali Lucia about the management change, what it means for the team, and what direction he sees the Stars headed in. (It's a four minute video, and also the video of the day, but well worth the watch)

This word "consistency" has been thrown around a lot over the last week or so, if only because that is the main objective. The only problem with it is that, by definition, it takes a long time to prove that it truly exists. But it has to start somewhere. What better time than now?

Coming up in today's links: Mike Heika nuggets of wisdom, Antoine Roussel continues playing hockey, and definitive proof that the Western Conference playoffs are far superior.

  • Mike Heika has his chat reply from yesterday. If you're curious about trades and signings for this summer, this is an excellent place to start. [Dallas News]
  • Antoine Roussel will be playing for France at the championships, but he had a chance to talk about his time in Dallas so far. [IIHF]
  • Robidas was also elected as alternate captain for team Canada in the World Championships. That comes as no surprise to Stars fans, who know how much his leadership is worth. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • On the business side, the Stars made some additional changes, both of them are great moves for the club. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • The Allen Americans have now tied the CHL Final at 1-1. Make sure you go cheer them on while you can. [Dallas News]
  • Jamie Benn is still in the running for the cover of NHL 14. Make sure you vote if you get a chance. [Dallas News]
  • If the "East Coast Bias" Media is talking about how much better the West is over the East, you know that our conference must be doing something right. [Sports Illustrated]
  • The Blues won in incredible fashion yesterday, scoring the game winning goal with about 50 seconds to go. They now lead the LA Kings 2-0 in the series. I'll wait here while you celebrate....It's okay, let it all out.... Pierre LeBrun talks about their success so far in the series, and how vital it was to get that 2-0 lead before the Blues head back to LA. [ESPN]
  • The Rangers lost to the Capitals last night by a score of 3-1. I picked the Rangers to win this series, so naturally, we know they'll lose in 5. [Puck Daddy]
  • In the battle of Canadian teams, Ottawa defeated Montreal by a score of 4-2. [NHL]
  • Meanwhile, Detroit wins in overtime against the Ducks, making the series 1-1. They now head back to hockeytown, where fans can throw octopi to their hearts' content [Puck Daddy]
  • .Just kidding about the only video of the day. Here's the Blues scoring the game winning goal from last night. A bit of a soft one in my opinion, so that makes 2 GWGs thanks to Quick. Hopefully he can allow two more before he gets it together.