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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Reaction to Jaromir Jagr, Derek Roy Trades Varies

Boston is happy. Vancouver is happy. Stars fans are anything but, generally, though national perspective says Dallas did what they needed to do this go-around.

Ronald Martinez

Trading Derek Roy and Jaromir Jagr put the Dallas Stars at the center of much of the hockey world's attention Tuesday morning ahead of today's deadline, and the reaction nationally is reading differently than that of those closer to the situation.

Pierre LeBrun lays it out nicely at his ESPN blog for general consumption across the two countries...

The Bruins actually phoned Dallas about 3-4 weeks ago to check on Jagr's availability and at the time didn't think he was going anywhere. At the time, the Stars were actually thinking they would sign Jagr. But over the past week, things changed. The Stars kept losing games and after much internal debate and deliberation including right up to Monday night, the front office decided it was time to unload.

No doubt, the Stars will get criticized for pulling the plug when they can still make the playoffs, but I credit them. It's the third year in a row that the team is straddling the playoff demarcation line, and the two previous years they tried to give the team the best possible chance to make the playoffs but didn't get returns on assets. They missed the playoffs both times, and got nothing in return for anyone.

Now they've picked up some solid young assets in the trades for Morrow, Jagr and Roy and the team will be better off for it in a few years.

Read more here at ESPN.

So there's a little national perspective that gives a thumbs up to the day's work. Most pundits, nationally and locally, as you'll see in today's links, are in general agreement with the direction the franchise took yesterday and felt that it was about time for such actions.

The devil is in the proverbial details, however, and it's the return on the trades, not the idea of making them, that's rubbed many the wrong way as we wake up on the other side this morning.


  • First things first as this all gets sorted out: What in the what is the system going to do with ALL of these defensemen? Stephen tries to figure it out at HDH, and even after he did that much the Stars threw Gaunce on the pile as well. How are they going to get all of these guys playing time? Some real writing was put on the wall for many up and down the system Tuesday. [Hundred Degree Hockey]
  • The view from Vancouver? That Derek Roy instantly puts the Canucks into contention with an offensively balanced lineup that can attack with three lines and find success anywhere. We'll see. [The Province]
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder knows what we know - The Bruins just might have bought a better player this season in Jagr than they would have with Jarome Iginla, and they get into it with some nice stats work here. Of course, the question then becomes: Why did the market value Iginla so much higher than Jagr? (Why was the return not as good as it would have been from the same team for Iginla?) [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Watch and read Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli as he tells media how he sees Jagr fitting in with his group as they go all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals! Yay! (the Stars get a better pick if they do, remember) [ESPN Boston]
  • Mike Heika thinks this is the right way for the Stars to go - tearing it down to rebuild. But you have to execute it right, or you're the Blue Jackets or the Oilers or the Panthers or the (my words, not his)... [Dallas Morning News]
  • If the return for Jagr and Roy is still puzzling you, consider what the Rangers gave up for... Ryane Clowe? From Puck Daddy: "Clowe comes to New York for three selections: A 2nd-rounder, a 3rd-rounder, and conditional 2nd rounder that becomes a 5th unless the Rangers reach the Eastern Conference Final again or Clowe re-signs in New York." - Must be that extraneous 'e' his parents put on the end of his first name. It's worth more. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tim Cowlishaw says the Stars did a "good job" and at the very least the conditional nature of the Boston pick gives Stars fans something to watch in the playoffs this year. It's funny because it's true. [Dallas Morning News]
  • Over in Fort Worth Mac Engel says that the Glen Gulutzan is the safe bet to lose his job over this "flop season". [fwST]
  • Scott Burnside debates with someone who writes for ESPN Boston about whether or not Jaromir Jagr is a good fit on the Bruins roster. Spoiler alert: Jagr would be a good fit on the Dallas Mavericks. [ESPN]
  • Razor cryptically ponders the situation at large []
  • From the Vancouver Sun: "I was really excited to hear the news I got traded to a great organization like Vancouver," Roy said from Dallas after the deal was announced. "Things didn't work out the way we planned here with Dallas." [Vancouver Sun]