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Dallas Stars Daily Links: How You Can Help The City Of West, Texas

The town of West is still suffering -- What can we do to help?

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Ronald Martinez

After the explosion in West, Texas last week, the town is doing its best to begin recovering. Unfortunately, it is an extremely long process to do so. It will be likely be months before things are back to a normal state of mind there, and years before everything is resolved. It will take time. And for all of the families and friends affected by the explosion, it won't be easy.

So what can we as Dallas Stars fans do to help? Last week, we had an article that linked to several sources you could go to to help. This week, the Dallas Stars are organizing some ways to help as well.

According to the press release for the Dallas Stars Foundation, they will be hosting blood drives, as well as accepting monetary donations over the next week. Here are some of the details:

There are many people who are suffering hardship as a consequence of the explosions Wednesday. A nursing home and school were leveled by the blasts, along with many homes. The Dallas Stars hope that these payments, which have been made possible due to the generous donations from fans, will make a difference.

But the Stars relief effort will not stop there. The community has not only suffered damage to homes and other buildings, but there were several survivors who were injured during this tragedy.

The Dallas Stars, along with Carter BloodCare will hold a blood drive Tuesday to help victims of the accident. Fans are invited to join the relief effort by giving blood at the Dr Pepper StarCenter in Frisco from 8 to 11am, Tuesday, April 23.

All Next Week - Monetary donations can be made at Dr Pepper Star Center in Frisco, Euless, McKinney, Farmers Branch or by calling the Dallas Stars Executive Offices at (214) 387-5500

Tuesday, April 23, 8-11a - Blood Drive at Dr Pepper Star Center, Frisco

Every little bit that you can do will help benefit this town. As it said above, there was a nursing home, a school, and a number of homes that were destroyed by the blast. To date, there have been 14 killed (including 11 first responders), and over 200 were injured. They need all of the love and support that they can get.

If you feel like you want to do more than give blood or donate -- if you want to physically go down there and help them rebuild and recover -- make sure you get in touch with your local disaster relief group and coordinate with them. They work with officials in the town, so that they have the best plan for helping out.

Above all, keep those affected in your thoughts and prayers as the weeks continue on. One of the biggest problems in the media is that this story will be entirely forgotten in another week or two, and that is when the real recovery process will begin. Keep them in mind.

Coming up in today's links: Notes on the Stars for tonight's game, a playoff race update, and Duncan Keith behaves poorly.

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