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Daily Links: Dallas Stars Win By Doing The Little Things Right

It was a tough matchup going into the game, but the Stars cashed in on their opportunities, and banked a valuable 2 points in the standings.

Harry How

Every team's first game against the previous season's Stanley Cup Champions is the proverbial "litmus test" game. After all, when you play against the team that was the absolute best, you get a chance to see how exactly you measure up.

For the Dallas Stars last night, the story was no different. After a slow start to the season, the Kings came in firing on all cylinders. Their offense was clicking, their defense was stifling, and the only regulation game they had lost at home was against the Blackhawks.

It was more important than ever that the Stars limit the scoring chances for the Kings, while cashing in on their own.

And they succeeded.

The biggest item we have discussed all season is the number of penalties that the Stars take on average. It a statistic that has been trending downward over the last 15 games or so, and last night was no different, with only a single power play for the Kings.

Other the other side of special teams, the Stars managed to go 2 for 3 on their power play, helping to spark their offense.

All in all, it was an effective game. There are certainly things that still need to be worked on, of course. There were several defensive lapses, and the faceoffs were atrocious. But they were able to hold their own against one of the better playing teams as of late.

Stars coach Glen Gulutzan agrees:

"I thought we played a decent game. I thought the faceoff circle hurt us and we took a lot of chances off that. A bulk of their chances were coming off lost draws, shots were coming off there. We needed to do a better job as a group."

"They are a great team. They play hard, they are big, they are strong and they've got skill. They won the Cup for a reason. I thought we were OK. We got timely goals, our power play got two. Cody Eakin made a heck of a play at the end of the period where we didn't have much going on. I thought we played better in the third."

As long as the offense keeps clicking, and Kari Lehtonen is there to bail out the team when things go bad, it would seem that this team can stand a fighting chance against any opponent that takes the ice. Of course, this is only one game. There are still 25 more to go this season before we can really see how these Dallas Stars stack up against the rest.

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