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Daily Links: Kari Lehtonen Shines While Defense Falters

If I had told you the Stars would win on the second night of a back to back against the defending Stanley Cup champions, and shut them out in their own building after losing to the worst team in the conference... would you have believed me?

Harry How

There is a reason why Kari was signed to a large extension for the next several years. He is an elite goaltender that can keep the Dallas Stars in a game on any given night.

Last night, it took perfection from Kari just to give Dallas a fighting chance against the Kings. Throughout the first 40 minutes, the team defense was nearly non-existent, allowing the Kings to have prime scoring opportunities and chances.

I saw on twitter last night where someone mentioned that it was like watching the Kings play with their food before they ate it. It certainly seemed like just a matter of time before the Kings went up by a few goals, and iced the game away.

But they didn't.

Instead, Kari stood on his head through the first two frames, giving the Stars a chance to wake up and start playing. While it wasn't a spectacular third period, it was more than decent. And with a brick wall in your net, sometimes that's all you really need.

Mark Stepneski sums it up pretty well in his recap of last night's game.

Lehtonen, playing on consecutive nights, was a rock in goal for the Stars, who were outplayed for a good part of the game.

"We didn't have a practice this morning so we wanted to give him some extra shots," Jagr joked after the game. "So, he doesn't have to work out after the game because he worked out during the game. That was our plan and it worked. Not all the time, but today it did."

And Lehtonen saw plenty of shots, several of them quality chances. His first save of the game set the tone for the night. With the Kings on the power play, Lehtonen shot up his glove hand to stop a Jake Muzzin shot from the slot.

"It started well and I had a couple of good saves and that carried the whole game," Lehtonen said. "They had a lot of good chances, but sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. It was nice to get a few of those bounces tonight. We've had it rough the past couple of weeks, so it was nice."

The Kings had 30 shots over the first 40 minutes of the game, including 18 in the second period. But despite being outplayed through two periods and outshot 30-15, the Stars were in a scoreless tie thanks to Lehtonen.

"This is one where your goalie saves you in the first 40 and we picked up in the last 20. Certainly, Kari kept us in," said Stars coach Glen Gulutzan. "It was a back-to-back and in back-to-backs you need your goalie to be good and he was tonight. Our goalie was our best player."

So does this win mean we can take our finger off the panic button, or get back in line for the roller coaster? It's a tough call to make. By all accounts, the Stars played much worse against the Kings than they did against the Avalanche. And yet they won the former and lost the latter. If management or ownership is planning on making any changes, it is unlikely that the fact that this game winding up in the win column is going to have any effect on their choices. After all, one loss should not be the basis for major decisions, and neither should one win.

However, a win is still ultimately a win, and it was against a very good team. Hopefully the Stars can build some confidence from this one, and continue to roll as they get a chance to redeem themselves against Colorado this Saturday.

Coming up in today's links: More thoughts on last night's game, some other news from around the NHL, and Martin Brodeur scores his THIRD goal of his career.

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