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Daily Links: The Dallas Stars Lost Last Night, Here's How To Cope

Another roller coaster ride of a game and another loss. These ups and downs are starting to take their toll.

Ronald Martinez

There isn't much to say after a loss like last night's.

Looking at this game by itself, it is easy to see how many lucky bounces the Avs received, including the bounce off of Robidas' head for the game winning goal. The Stars generally outplayed Colorado, but the Avs were luckier.

However, if you look at this season as a whole, this is now the 6th time that the Stars have blown a 2-goal lead and lost. If they could just find ways to actually shut down their opponents, they would be sitting comfortable near the top of the pile in the standings.

The Stars have also now lost 10 of their last 16, and do not yet look like they have turned a corner. While they came out blazing in the first period for the last two games, They could not sustain that pressure, and allowed the opponent to get right back into it. At least against the Flames they were able to hang on for a regulation win.

We've said this before, but it bears repeating -- this team is young and growing. Because of that, there will be a lot of good things to see, and a lot of bad things. Above all, a young team generally means seeing a lot of inconsistencies.

For some fans, it may just be too much to deal with. A lot of fans live and die with each win, each goal, and each shift. If you're one of those fans, then this time can be particularly hard on you.

Mike Heika equates this season to a roller coaster ride. Some people love them, and some hate them. But both sides have valid arguments as to why they feel the way they do.

Some guys said they enjoyed the thrill, and that the scarier a roller coaster was, the better. Others shook their heads. Why would you purposely want to give yourself a fright so bad it could make you think you were dying?

And after the Stars lost to Colorado 4-3 on Wednesday, I kind of got what they were talking about.

Yeah, it's thrilling and exciting and entertaining watching Stars games, but do you really want a thrill like that? Do you want to see the team fall to pieces and lose a crucial game to the Western Conference celler-dweller? Do you want to see Stephane Robidas go down in a heap after getting hit in the head, and then see Colorado somehow find a loose puck and score the game-winner?

Do you want that fear, that ache, that pain?

It's part of the sports experience, so it can be exhilarating. Who didn't love the Texas Rangers' dismantling of the Yankees? Who didn't just melt for Dirk when he finally held the Larry O'Brien Trophy aloft or sang "We are the Champions''? That is the essence of the experience, and it's why you stick through the bad times.

You do it because you want to be a real fan, because you want to say one day that you earned the right to brag about the Stanley Cup the Stars just won.

But they aren't making it easy on you. No, not easy at all.

There is no questioning that the highs are that much more enjoyable when you experience the lows. The Mavericks' championship is the perfect example. If you had just caught on to the Mavs, it was a great win. But if you were there in 2006, and watched the epic collapse against the Miami Heat in the finals, it made it that much sweeter. You didn't just relish the moment. You got to bathe in it.

Maybe the Stars will be the same way one day. The future looks bright enough that it feels like they should at least be heading that direction soon. There are also mini-victories that we see from this team each week that keeps us going. But in the world of sports, every corner turned is a blind one, and there are no guarantees.

The only question a fan has to answer is whether or not they think it is worth riding through the lows in order to enjoy watching the team succeed.

Coming up in today's links: More on last night's game, previews for tonight's, other news from around the NHL, and an incredible video worth watching.

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