Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Take on the Chicago Blackhawks on Black Friday

In which everyone has hopefully recovered from Thursday's self-induced food comas, the Stars play yet another amazingly great Western Conference team, and an awful penalty kill meets an awful powerplay...

The Stars have had a tough time of it against the Blackhawks lately. Not that that's anything unique to the Stars. The Blackhawks are fairly good after all.

But a five game losing streak to Chicago is not ideal, nor is the fact that Chicago have the most road victories in the league and also lead the NHL in goals per game. But who's counting? Who pays attention to records or stats anyway? Not Trevor Daley, that's for certain. Or maybe he pays too much attention to stats...

"I think [plus-minus] plays a huge role in not wanting to take risks, and I think that just slows everything down. If you're out there and worried about taking a minus, it makes you think too much. If you get a minus early in the game, it makes you think too much. Honestly, if you want to add more scoring and open up the game, you should just take out plus-minus. I think it makes that much difference." [Sports Day DFW]

I love this. Forget adjusting the goal dimensions or reducing goaltender's pad size... just remove a stat from consideration and scoring in the NHL will blossom. I wonder what impact removing Corsi and Fenwick would have...

I jest. But seriously, maybe we could see about only keeping track of plus-minus for the Blackhawks tonight. Get it weighing on their mind.

* * *

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