Dallas Stars Daily Links: Youth Hockey Boom in North Texas

The Stars’ deep playoff run has sparked unprecedented interest in youth hockey in the DFW metroplex. Plus, examining the Stars’ championship window, potential issues concerning the 2020-21 season, and more.

Shortly after the end of the Stanley Cup Final, I wrote about what the run meant for the Dallas Stars and their fans. One of the key points I hit on was how a deep run would potentially inspire a new generation of hockey fans throughout Texas.

Only a couple months later, we’re already seeing that new generation form as youth hockey has experienced a massive boom in North Texas:

The most recent Rookies session began in October, less than a month after the end of the Stars appearance in the Stanley Cup Final. Due to unprecedented demand, for the first time ever, all eight Stars rinks ran the program simultaneously. More than 650 children enrolled, with another 200-plus on waiting lists. That shattered the previous record for a single session by more than five times.

Since arriving in Dallas, the Stars have worked hard to promote youth hockey in Texas and increase the infrastructure to support it. And their involvement doesn’t go unnoticed — one family who recently moved to Dallas were blown away by the youth hockey community the Stars have cultivated:

“In Minnesota you work directly with the rinks. What’s different here, and pretty neat, is that the Stars play such a role in youth hockey in the area. The Stars seems to have their prints on everything.”

You can read more from Josh Bogorad here.

Stars Stories

Could Texas youth hockey experience yet another boom in the near future? It’s quite possible if the Stars can capitalize on their current window:

Are you a fan of the team’s Reverse Retro jerseys? I’d be surprised, but I’m not one to judge — here’s how you can purchase one:

Around the League

Despite signing a new CBA earlier this year, NHL owners are already asking players to make changes to it before starting the 2020-21 NHL season, and the players are not happy:

Speaking of the new season, hockey leagues around the world are having difficulties with their own 2020-21 seasons. Is the current pandemic just too big of a hurdle to overcome?

Assuming we finally do get a new NHL season, we all know which teams will be bad this year. But then again, what if we’re wrong?


This is just pure gold: