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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Tyler Seguin’s Summer Is More Fun Than Yours

It’s okay to admit it: Tyler Seguin is having a better summer than all of us. He’s been hanging out in Vegas with famous DJs, baring it all for ESPN’s Body Issue, gracing the red carpet at the ESPYs, and golfing up a storm.

But wait, there’s more. Seguin also kicked off what will undoubtedly be a promising movie career, following Mike Modano’s example of making cameo appearances in cinematic classics.

And, to top it all off, Seguin—along with teammates Jason Spezza, Antoine Roussel, and Patrick Eaves—appeared at Smashfest IV yesterday to raise money for the Katie Moore and Steve Moore foundations and, of course, dominate at ping-pong.

Seguin even teamed up with Spezza, and the pair seemed to do just fine together.

I assume that Seguin’s epic summer is just preparation for an even more epic 2015-16 season. That’s obviously the only logical explanation here.

All right, now on to non-Seguin/actual hockey news.

If you weren’t around for Mike Heika’s Stars chat yesterday, don’t forget to catch up on what you missed. That includes this prediction at what lines will look like to open the season.



The rest is right over here. [DMN]

Heika also added to the Stephen Johns discussion, saying that the Stars’ new defenseman could be arriving in the Lone Star State at just the right time. [DMN]

Lou Lamoriello made waves yesterday morning after resigning from his role as New Jersey Devils president and taking over as the Maple Leafs’ newest GM.

In honor of Lamoriello’s new role, relive a few of the moments that have defined his nearly 30-year career. [Sportsnet]

After making it through a life-threatening battle with meningitis, Canadiens prospect Tim Bozon is setting his sights on his first pro hockey season. [ESPN]

If Sidney Crosby is the best player in the league, who comes in second place? [Washington Post]

The Arizona Coyotes and Glendale have supposedly resolved their arena dispute. We’ll see how long that lasts… [AZ Central]

As arbitration cases play out around the league, take a walk down memory lane with a few dramatic stories from years past. Maybe someone else will be called the “worst forward in the NHL” again. [CSN Washington]

Fulfill your daily slideshow quota with Bleacher Report’s contract predictions for 10 players in need of new deals. [BR]

Speaking of new deals… the Flames signed center Lance Bouma to a three-year, $6.6 million contract.

Although Seattle didn’t meet Monday’s first expansion deadline, the city’s hope of adding an NHL team is still alive. [KING 5]

Ted Lindsay’s 90th birthday is just around the corner, but the legend is still staying active. (Warning: This article is probably going to make you feel lazy.) [Detroit News]

After taking a look at the weirdest things happening with the Western Conference this summer, Sean McIndoe put together the Bizarro Rankings for teams in the East. [Grantland]

Which Eastern Conference teams that didn’t make the playoffs have done enough to change their fate? [Sports Illustrated]

Yesterday, DBD’s David wrote about intangibles in hockey and how things like work ethic should be measured. The NBA, wondering the same thing, is trying to answer that question by introducing “Hustle Stats.” I’m not sure what the corresponding stats would look like in hockey, but it’s an interesting concept. [Grantland]

And finally, in between taking awkward family photos, Jamie Benn is staying busy rehabbing.

See more of how Jamie Benn is rehabbing after double hip surgery, on @fox4news at 9. #Stars

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