Dallas Stars Daily Links: Tyler Seguin Returns, Scores Twice, Is Frustrated

Tyler Seguin pushed himself to make it back on the ice, but even two goals from #91 weren't enough to counteract the 2014-2015 Dallas Stars. Also, a statue goes up in LA, and T.J. Oshie gets put down hard by Dion Phaneuf.

Not much to say about last night. Klingberg is the latest player to suffer from a nanobot attack, and that just stinks. We've at least had the absolutely elite offense of this team to enjoy despite the team's place in the standings, but it seems even that will be systematically taken from us.

Tyler Seguin knows where the Stars are. He didn't return because he had delusions about leading the Stars back up into the playoff mix--although Devan Dubnyk reminds us that such a run is possible--but instead, Seguin simply knew he needed to get back to his team. Here's a postgame video from last night that really shows his frustration at how this season has gone, I think:

You can see what getting back into the lineup meant to Seguin, and you can also see just how much losses like these (i.e. four goals scored against Tampa and their vaunted defense corps) can drive players up the wall. Seguin blames the Stars (and himself) for losing the game, saying they "gave away" goals. Certainly we can break down players and analyze the plays they make, but the essence of his statement is true for last night, and it's true for the season. The Stars have given other teams way too much.

Charity is great as an overarching concept, but NHL teams really can't afford such virtues. The Stars have some work to do, and now is the time to do it. Figure out what is going on here, folks. It won't get any easier next year.

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That Tesla coil thing in Tampa always makes me think of Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Loved that game so, so much.

Here's a flashback to what took Seguin out of the lineup in the first place. Just a reminder that Goligoski tried to go over and "stand up for his teammate" with Kulikov, but the linesmen got there first. Anyway, it's good to have Seguin back again. [SportsNet]

John Klingberg is day-to-day after seeming to hit a rut in the ice. Probably it was the same ice deficiency that grabbed the puck from Seguin's stick right before the empty-net goal. [Stars]

Here is Razor's somber postgame vlog from last night. It's been a tough year. [Razor's Wild West Curio Emporium Video Thing]

Nashville continued its plummet from atop the West in a 3-1 loss to Winnipeg last night, their sixth straight defeat. Lots of nervous glances over shoulders in Tennessee are happening right now, maybe not literally. [On the Forecheck]

The Jets' win may prove to be costly, however; Michael Hutchinson sustained a brutal helmet-to-helmet blow before finishing the game. This brings back bad memories for me. [Puck Daddy]

Devan Dubnyk led the Wild to another victory last night because of course he did. Here is an article on Dubnyk's masks. Did you know he has a sketch of his child on the back of them? [Wild]

So LA dedicated a statue to Robitaille last night. Here is this pretty great picture:

Chad Johnson joined the list of deadline acquisitions to immediately get injured. I can't imagine the Sabres are too broken up about it, though. [Buffalo News]

The New Jersey Devils 1995 Stanley Cup team reunited last night at Prudential Center. It was pretty neat. [NHL]

Will NHL players be at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games? That is being discussed soon. [SportsNet]

Finally, what happens when one of the best teams in hockey faces a "is the season over yet" Maple Leafs squad? Dion Phaneuf absolutely leveled T.J. Oshie, and it didn't matter one bit. It almost feels wrong to watch this: