Dallas Stars Daily Links: Seguin and Spezza, the Best 1-2 Central Centers?

The Stars really might have the best 1-2 center punch of any team in the Central Division. Stay and talk about these things, too: A sports talk show by girls, for everyone; Ken Hitchcock may need to start making things happen soon; Forsberg in Tennessee was a thing, once.

Hockey Wilderness took a good, long look at how Minnesota's top two centers stack up to their divisional peers. The idea was to see if their pivot duo was really as inferior to most of the other centers in the conference as has been mentioned a few times this summer. Poor Minnesota. They do so many things well, just never well enough for everyone to be jealous of them. Kind of like the state of Minnesota.

The result of the investigation? Well, you should check it out for yourself, but Seguin and Spezza are both in the top half (or even top five) an awful lot. Yes, I know, this is what everyone has been saying. In fact, Seguin himself acknowledged how awesome it was to get Spezza on Monday:

When I actually saw the Spezza trade, or heard about it, I didn’t believe it at first. I had to go online, social media these days, and see if it was confirmed. Get right on my Twitter and type it in: ‘Jason Spezza, is he here or not." I’m really excited, it’s made this summer even longer just cause with our new acquisitions and how good we felt we were coming together last year, you really wish it was October already.

Reading that quote makes me wonder if Tyler Seguin actually knows how Twitter works (There is a joke there somewhere, but I'm already at my Ask Jeeves looking for the answer).

Seguin's excitement is not unwarranted. I mean, just look at this:

Ever since July 1st, people have been skipping right over the good-Brad-Richards/Ribeiro comparison to talking about Modano/Nieuwendyk, who were both in town for a half-decent bit of success. There's something alluring about the idea of a really good second line, the ability to watch your top line get matched up with a checking line and not care at all. The Stars basically have two red shells, and most nights they will be playing teams with one lowly old banana peel protecting them. "Fine," the Stars will say, "you can block one of these, but you can't block the next one."

That's the best-case scenario, but we all know what can happen throughout the course of a season. Teams wear down, players have hot and cold streaks, and suddenly Erik Cole becomes the best player for a night, and you're not angry about it. That's the thing with Spezza, too. Right now, he and Seguin probably are the most fearsome combination any team in the division could ice behind one another (although Duchene/MacKinnon are probably not a bad bet to surpass their production), but that's only how things look now. That's still pretty awesome, though.

Also, the Stars might need a backup plan for when this happens:

Anyway, why don't you tell us all which of the other six teams has the best top-two centers in the Central Division? There is a poll for you to use for this purpose.

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Who's got the best 1-2 center punch in the division?

Winnipeg (it's a city in Canada)5
Nashville (Rhymes with)5
Chicago (Sufjan went there)107
Colorado (Do people there exercise at all? I haven't heard anyone from there brag about it yet this morn--oh wait, someone just did.)132
Minnesota ("Jesse Ventura governed us!")7
St. Louis ("Our weather is the only thing worse than our relative distance to a beach!")48