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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Tyler Seguin’s Dogs and Razor’s Pumpkin Pie

Well, we’re all fat now. Great job, pigs. Hey, let’s talk about professional athletes who control their body weight with nutritionists and health coaches to ensure top performance. Also, Phil Kessel.

No no, I’m kidding, Kessel is an amazing player in many ways. But speaking of professional hockey guys and food, let’s check in with former NHL goaltender Daryl Reaugh. How was your Thanksgiving, Mr. Reaugh?

That ain’t my aunt’s homemade whipping cream, but you have to admire the panache. Is that panache?

But there was another story even more heartwarming than spraying whipped cream directly into one’s mouth, if you can believe it. That story is about Tyler Seguin and his puppy dogs.

The Seguin-Lab partnership began three years ago with the adoption of Marshall, a Chocolate lab with impressive bloodlines. According to Tyler, Marshall’s father was a Canadian champion and an extremely intelligent animal. He must be very smart because Marshall is one of the few dogs to own his own Twitter account (@marshallseguin), with more than 4,000 followers. His most common tweet “DAD SCORED!!!!” has been getting a lot of use since his master leads the NHL in goals scored.

Over the summer, Seguin decided one housemate wasn’t enough and adopted another purebred, this time a black lab named Cash, in honor of legendary singer Johnny Cash. The puppy is now five months old and has made quite the impression on other visitors to the Seguin residence.

“I think the little one takes control over the big one, and both of them run his show. I think Tyler takes a bit of a beating,” joked Jamie Benn. “He’s got a couple of cool dogs, full of energy, full of life, and they make a mess of that house for sure.” [Stars]

There are pictures of doggies in that link! Why are you still reading this!? Oh, yes, the hockey-type links. They are down here, follow me.

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“Black Friday” sales on Thanksgiving Day make me hate just so many things, but I do hope you saved big on brand names when you left your family for the allure of discount shopping. Here are some hockey links.

It sounds like Anders Lindback might be playing this weekend, says Lindy Ruff, who sometimes does things differently than what he says he might do. [Stars]

Tyler Seguin is on a record goal-scoring pace right now. As Lindy Ruff puts it, Seguin is “shooting the eyes out of a rattlesnake right now.” I will defer to Mike Heika on that phrase being Ruff’s and not an obscure reference from western Canadian cable-access television. [DMN]

Taylor Hall has some history with kneeing, in case you forgot. Here is a look at the kneeing-related suspensions around the league leading up to Hall’s hit on Cal Clutterbuck. Hall was also suspended two games for this hit, so maybe the league was just trying to align the universe by giving the same two games to Garbutt. [Puck Daddy]

The Texas Stars power play has lost its creativity, and it’s only kind of mostly sort of Dallas’s fault. Or IS it? [Austin American Statesman]

Adam Lowry was also given a Thanksgiving present from Stephane Quintal, as the Winnipeg forward was suspended one game for boarding Patrick Kaleta. [Puck Daddy]

Here is the Children’s Hospital visit interview we wish we had seen, right? Watch Joffrey Lupul try to explain what I can only assume is some kind of weird “with benefits” thing to a reporter who then tells Lupul that his mom thinks he (Lupul) is cute. [The Hockey News]

This isn’t hockey, but it might be relevant if you watched the Cowboys yesterday: How difficult is it to win the Super Bowl in the popular Madden video game thing with Mark Sanchez as your quarterback? You probably don’t want to know how difficult. [SB Nation]

Gretzky vs. Lemieux rages on in every dimension, probably, but now we have some added information that allows for better cross-era comparisons. Who really helped his team the most? [The Hockey News]

One other non-hockey note: P.D. James died yesterday. (She wrote the book Children of Men, and many other novels.) [BBC]

Finally, the Predators beat Edmonton 1-0 in an entertaining (eventually) match on Thanksgiving Day. Check out Filip Forsberg just deciding to score a goal:

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