Dallas Stars Daily Links: The NHL's Goal Is To Have More Goals

The NHL says it's looking into ways to increase scoring. Plus, Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn continue to be one of the league's most dangerous duos, and a sneak peek of the Stars' upcoming calendar.

When NHL general managers met on Tuesday, they discussed, among other things, possible ways to increase scoring in the league. And while—as Kathleen pointed out in yesterday's links—they're not exactly in a hurry to implement any changes, people have been sounding off on the best ways bump up the number of goals.

The most popular suggestion seems to be making nets bigger, but Sportsnet's Mark Spector says a better way to increase scoring is to decrease the size of goalie gear. In fact, he takes it a step further and says the initial reason behind bigger equipment—safety—wasn't much of a reason at all.

The shots were getting so hard, the Goalie Guild fibbed, that this elephantine gear was a safety requirement. And we never asked how that same stick technology never made its way to the end of the factory where they make the goalie equipment.

We were scammed, people.

If you're not buying Spector's argument, don't worry. The Washington Post's Neil Greenberg has another solution that doesn't involve nets or netminders: just have the refs call more power plays.

Since the 2005-06 season, power-play opportunities have been on a rapid decline, and they've done so at an even greater pace than the scoring drop.


NHL teams convert on the power play 19 percent of the time, on average, so an additional two power-play opportunities would result in 0.38 goals per team per game. That would buoy the scoring average up to 3.04 goals per team per game, a level we have seen twice in the past 20 seasons.

What do you guys think? Best idea gets 1,000 points, and feel free to use this Onion video as inspiration. [Sportsnet]


The Stars continue their homestand tonight at 7:30 p.m. against the Jets, who are also coming off a Tuesday night loss. [Stars Inside Edge]

According to coach Lindy Ruff, facing Central Division teams means the "fun is about to begin." Whatever you say, Lindy. [Stars Inside Edge]

Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn continue to impress, and Andrew Berkshire explains the secret to their success. [Sportsnet]

The Stars tweeted a preview of the 2016 Dallas Stars Foundation calendar, which will be available at the AAC when the teams plays Buffalo on 11/21.

In case you needed just a little more convincing that the Central is tough this year, Josh Bogorad is on hand to talk about the importance of winning divisional games. [On the Radar]

The Stars are working hard to keep each prospect on the ice and give them the opportunity to develop. [SportsDayDFW]

The Hockey Writers' Kristi Loucks explores who won the trade that brought Patrick Sharp and Stephen Johns to Dallas. (Hint: not the Blackhawks.) [THW]

Jaromir Jagr will be playing after all of us are dead, probably. [ESPN]

I'd like to direct everyone to this Very Important Hockey Story about Ryan McDonagh and his adorable French bulldog.

Patrick Marleau responds (sort of) to the rumors and reports saying that he would waive his NTC for the Ducks, Kings, or Rangers. [NHL]

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Mike Richards has been skating with the OHL's Kitchener Rangers (his old junior team), which could be a sign of an impending comeback. [SI]

The Red Wings and forward Justin Abdelkader are working on a contract extension.

The Stars don't face the Predators until Dec. 31, but you can get to know your enemy and its high-scoring defense right now. [The Tennessean]

Speaking of the Central Divison, get inside Patrick Roy's head and see what he thinks about the Avs' slow start, bigger nets, and more. [TSN]

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And finally, adults got into a little tussle after Henrik Lundqvist tossed his stick into the crowd on Tuesday. The Rangers goalie responded by hanging out with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.