Dallas Stars Daily Links: Texas Stars Are Calder Cup Champions

In which the Texas Stars win a third straight game in overtime, and thus win the Calder Cup, and the Los Angeles Kings are playing baseball now, so I guess the offseason is well and truly upon us...

The Stars win the Cup! The Stars win the Cup!

Ok, so maybe not those Stars. And not that Cup. But hey. In a few years maybe it will be some of those same guys, lifting a different cup, the Cup, when they play for the Dallas Stars, yeah? We can dream right?

For now though, the Texas Stars are the AHL Champions, winning the Calder Cup after a third straight overtime win in St. John's. You know how the Los Angeles Kings won the Cup Final in 5 games, after three overtime victories, and we, or at least I, said they were lucky and the series was a lot closer than it looked? Well, the Texas Star won their Cup Final in 5 games, including three overtime victories as well. But they deserved it. No luck involved whatsoever. None.

I say that facetiously, but in truth the Stars outshot the IceCaps in every game except the first one, which they won 6-3. Score effects much? And while Extra Skater doesn't deign to track Corsi for AHL games, I can only assume that those shot totals translate to wins in the possession column.

And fine, since I'm on the subject, the Kings outshot the Rangers in all but one game, a three goal victory for them as well. And they badly outshot the Rangers in those other four games. So the Kings are a great possession team and deserved to win their Cup. Fine. That doesn't make me happy.

However, the Texas Stars are also a great possession team. And also deserved to win their Cup. And that does make me happy.

* * *

Full recap of the Texas Stars' win can be found here at 100 Degree Hockey.

Did you know the Texas Stars went 6-0 in overtime during the playoffs? That'll definitely help. [The AHL]

In Stanley Cup news, the Los Angeles Kings held a parade on Monday, and showed off the Cup at a Dodgers game last night. Whatever.

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The Sharks graceless bow out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs was so traumatic they might just up and leave San Joe altogether. Actually that's not true. If they left San Jose, it would be with the owner shouting out 'Show me the money!' as he went in search of a better television deal. Because their current one sucks. [Inside Bay Area]

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And lastly, we'll end on a sobering note. Erin wrote about it last night here on DBD, but here's the ESPN piece on the untimely passing of Richard Durrett. Thought and prayers to his family... [ESPN]