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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Lindy Ruff Trusting the System

As Brandon mentioned yesterday, Lindy Ruff mixed things up again at practice Monday, putting Ales Hemsky back on the top line. The defense also looked shuffled, with John Klingberg playing alongside Jokipakka, but Alex Gologoski’s day off might have something to do with that.

Aside from the four-on-a-couch line combinations, Coach Ruff consistently emphasized that the Stars need to be consistently consistent and play the same way consistently and never change anything while being consistent.

Mike Heika breaks it down for us with some of these quotes from Ruff:

“I called it a system reset. We rebooted. I actually showed some of our training camp videos and I said if we want to remain consistent, we have to do things consistently…and we haven’t. If we do them well, we’re a good team. I referenced last year–80 percent of those guys in the room had career years playing the way we need to play. I went through all of that. It was not about showing what happened last game, but showing how we need to play. I’ve gone to leaders of the group and said, ‘It starts with you guys. You guys have to do the right things on a consistent basis, so that everyone follows you guys.’”

Is this a crossroads in the season?

“It really is at a time where we have to play consistent hockey. If you play consistent hockey and do the little things right, you’ll win your share of games. You’re still going to lose some, but we need to find a really consistent game that will push up to standards.” [DMN]

Two things stand out here to me. First, Ruff acknowledges that a lot of the guys played better hockey for a lot of last year than they had played for most of their careers prior. Second, he acknowledges that they will need to do so again if the Stars want to remain consi–no, I’m sick of that word already. If the Stars want to have sustained success, Ruff is saying that they need to embrace the system, which they have not been doing, and play “the way they need to play”.

It’s easy to sit here and say that they call them “career years” for a reason, but the point, of course, is that the Stars believe their sputtering season to be the work of their own insufficient adherence to the way they “need to play” more than any deeper problem with the group as it is assembled today (of course, the group has changed quite a bit already from training camp, so take that with a chunk o’ rock salt.)

There may come a point, if things don’t improve, where that way itself is questioned by those in the organization. It’s surely being tested right now. But for the moment, the Stars are going to redouble their concentration and watch a boatload of video tape from last spring in order to remind themselves what they were doing that they most certainly haven’t been doing this year. Time is running short, so let’s hope those VCRs are in good shape. They’re going to need them.

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