Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars' Ticket Prices Holding Steady

The Stars kept ticket prices stable after last year's playoff push, but they're one of the only teams to do so. Also, Ralph Strangis remembers Jagr's time in Dallas, and James Neal scored a few goals.

We've heard for a while now that the Stars have some of the least expensive tickets in the NHL. For a while--during the Dark Days--they even came in at #30 in cost every now and then.

So you'd expect that last year's playoff run, the Stars' spending to the cap (at least in cap dollars), and the new free agents in town might cause Tom Gaglardi and company to "adjust" ticket prices accordingly. After all, inflation is a real thing, and now that Dallas has a product that is certainly in higher demand, economics would dictate a price in keeping with that demand.

However, that economic adjustment has yet to take place, as Team Marketing Report shows in this graph of average ticket pricing around the league. In fact, the Stars are one of only five teams not to raise their average ticket price this season. The other ones are the Islanders, Devils, Panthers and Canucks.

On the other side of the interesting news scale, there were only three teams that came in with double-digit increases in average ticket price: Boston (figures), Nashville (wait, what?) and Arizona (must be a city council thing).
From Puck Daddy's observations on the report:

The Toronto Maple Leafs, as they do every year, lead the FCI at $572.58, which is up 1.9 percent. The Boston Bruins were second at $509.80, and Jeremy Jacobs has apparently decided to pass the lockout savings on to the fans by increasing their FCI by 14.8 percent.

They’re followed by the New York Rangers ($479.48), Chicago Blackhawks ($463.20), Vancouver Canucks ($456.35), Montreal Canadiens ($413.04) and Winnipeg Jets ($411.94).

At the bottom of the list are the Florida Panthers at $255.55 in the FCI, just below the Dallas Stars ($263.11). The Panthers ticket prices dropped by 18.3 percent. The Bruins, as mentioned earlier, had the steepest climb in ticket prices on average, by 20 percent. [Puck Daddy]

Yes, that's right. The woeful Panthers of attendance ignominy are the only team with a more affordable game experience than the Dallas Stars. The image that comes to mind right is that of two trains swiftly passing each other going in very opposite directions.

FCI, for what it's worth, is this: The Fan Cost Index™ comprises the prices of four (4) average-price tickets, two (2) small draft beers, four (4) small soft drinks, four (4) regular-size hot dogs, parking for one (1) car, two (2) game
programs and two (2) least-expensive, adult-size adjustable caps.

Two programs?! Seriously, people. Learn to live in moderation.
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Special Friday video for y'all from the Roots.

And speaking of tickets, the DBD Group Game #2 on January 3rd against Minnesota is open for business. Tickets are $55 apiece, and be sure to bring your donuts for the inevitable Seguin hat trick. Come watch hockey with Defending Big D people! [Tilt]

Mark Stepneski previews the Stars-Devils matchup. [Stars]

As everyone knows, if you're building a fantasy roster, you want to make sure to pick up Tyler Seguin and...Trevor Daley? Yep, that's the scuttlebutt. [Dobber Hockey]

And with a timely bit of recollection, Ralph Strangis reflects on Jaromir Jagr. What a hockey player, what a person. [Stars]

One last article on this: Vancouver thinks they did a lot of stuff right against Dallas, despite the score. Here are some of those things. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Speaking of Seguin, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli is getting some grief for trading another young asset player who is flourishing away from the team, as Johnny Boychuk is making everyone in Boston miss him. [Boston Globe]

James Neal decided to start scoring goals. Three of them, in fact, as the Predators beat the Hawks 3-2. You can check out the goals over at [On the Forecheck]

P.K. Subban found the way to have the best Halloween costume that still makes you want to cry for some reason. Dance video to come, I'm sure. [CBC]

The Vaunted New York Islanders downed the Bruins last night, and Zdeno Chara might be down for even longer with what is believed to be a knee injury. [Twitter]

Oh my word, I failed to link this yesterday even though I read it, and I am ashamed of that. Check out Alex Ovechkin's amazing interview. "Sportsnet: Any new moves up your sleeve for this season? Ovechkin: I hope. SN: Like what? Ovechkin: I’m a righty, but I’m gonna use left stick." And that's just a tiny part. Seriously, this is fantastic. [SportsNet]

Noora Raty became the first female Finnish goalie to play in Finland's second-tier league, Mestis. It would be cool to see her do well. [THN]

Sean McIndoe rewrites history from the Tom Kurvers trade onwards. Fun stuff here as usual. [Grantland]

Elliotte Friedman opines on the value of solid young defencemen. The Stars have one or two of those, don't they? [SportsNet]

Finally, it's good to see that Ryan Miller's confidence hasn't been shaken too much after the game against Dallas. Check out the save on Jori Lehtera right before Nick Bonino scores going the other way: