Dallas Stars Daily Links: Third Jersey Thoughts

It's a beautiful sweater, so let's make another one. What should the third jersey be? Also, 3 on 3 OT might kill the shootout, and let's remember what it's like to be stripped of a captaincy.

While the aesthetics of the game that the players care about usually start and end with the number on the scoreboard, there's no denying that the sight of victory green is a big improvement over the 1940s television color palatte the Stars sported for five years.

We're impatient, though, so it's time to start speculating on what a third jersey might look like. Many people have speculated that black could see a comeback in some fashion, and of course we all heard about the near-miss of red, white and blue. (Thanks again, Mike.)

Looking at the jerseys though, I think there's a lot to like that's already there. You have that secondary logo currently on the pants, you have a nice, traditional circular patch on the shoulders, and you have silver, an underutilized color if ever there were one.

While spending more time than I meant to at Icethetics yesterday, I saw this concept from last year, and that black sweater really seems like it has potential. Perhaps throw another horizontal stripe behind it a la Montreal just to alleviate the overwhelming lack of color, and suddenly you've got yourself a nice looking sweater.

Frankly though, I'd still like to see green be the base color before putting anything else on top of it. It's too pleasant and too unique of a color not to use it every chance you get. So let's just go nuts and throw green on top of a slightly different green with black racing stripes and that Texas logo all over the place.

Mike Heika also reiterated yesterday that having mostly darker third jerseys is one of the main reasons the league has continued to keep the road teams wearing their whites, which is a scourge in and of itself.

The biggest problem is the logistics of having third jerseys. Everyone wants one, and almost all of them are dark colors. Now, if you want to wear your third jersey at home, the visitors don't have to change a thing and everything is easy. In the past, when you wanted to wear your dark third jersey instead of your white home jersey, the visitor had to bring whites on the road. It's tough to coordinate all of that, so they just decided to go with darks at home and that allows teams to wear their thirds for pretty much any home game. [DMN]

So if the Stars don't shock everyone with a light-colored third in the next couple of years, what do you think they should be rocking on those twelve or so nights a year when it's time to bust out the special spats?

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Wednesday Links, and you know what that means, right? Free M&Ms day!

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Finally, here is one way to reveal a third jersey: