Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Playoff Hopes Next to Nil After Lackluster Performance in Edmonton

Willie Desjardins for Jack Adams? It could happen. Also, Tom Wilson turns 21 and gets two very different birthday presents, the Stars visit the Vancouver Canucks, and general managers want to raise the draft age.

I woke up this morning and it appears I did not dream the Dallas Stars collapsing in Edmonton. So that happened.

Most Stars fans came to terms with this season being one destined to end before the Stanley Cup playoffs weeks ago. It can probably be pinpointed to the time when Dmitry Kulikov took out Tyler Seguin's knee. It was like watching the season end right in front of your eyes. Not quite the game six gut punch from last season, but still stung pretty good -- maybe more like a kick to the shin.

But this run of good hockey the Stars have been playing gave us all a glimmer of hope. If they could win out and if they could get the help they need from faltering clubs like Calgary then maybe, just maybe we would be rewarded for watching the team under-perform to expectations all year.

Hope is a funny thing. It weasels its way into your heart, even if you know logically it isn't possible for the Stars to make the playoffs at this time. But oh how pretty that would have been. To see that hope splintered at the hands of one of the worst teams in the West, with yet another ex-Stars goaltender having a fantastic game against their former teams....well, I guess there really wasn't any other way that was going to happen, was there?

Not this season, anyway.

But hey, the Stars can still play fun hockey down the stretch. In the heat of July we'll be begging for the season to start. So kick back and enjoy the few games that are left. Revel in the hockey we should have been watching all season long with this run, and look at the future of this team: John Klingberg, Patrik Nemeth, Jyrki Jokipakka, Brett Ritchie, Curtis McKenzie, et. al.


Links for your Saturday morning consumption. As delicious as donuts without the calories!

If the Stars hadn't played the first 20 or so games this season, and played like they did in their last 46, what point pace would they have? Well, it's more in line with what I expected this season. [NBC Sports]

Vancouver wants to forget the 4-1 drubbing they took at Dallas' hand in their last match. [Lethbridge Herald]

SBNation has a run down of the scores and playoff impact from last night. You know, in case you're looking for the team to cheer for in the playoffs. [SBNation] Or do you not watch? How do you deal with Dallas not being in there?

NHL general managers apparently want to raise the draft age to 20. While I understand their logic behind that wish, I think it's more of a way for general managers who can't draft well to better insulate their jobs. That right there is a hot sports opinion. [Puck Daddy]

The NHL franchise in Las Vegas campaign could include hotels and casinos as their corporate ticket base. [Review Journal]

Washington Capitas forward Tom Wilson was fined for diving. [NHL.com] But he got baked goods from fans for his 21st birthday, so I think that outweighs the fine. Maybe. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins in the Winter Classic? Could we not see something more creative with these outdoor games? It's becoming stale. [Onward State]

The desert-based Arizona Coyotes are having issues off the ice now too, it seems. [WIVB.com]

Speaking of teams having issues off ice, can you imagine fans cheering for the away team to score on their home team? It happened in Buffalo and the players were disheartened. [Puck Daddy]

"Just wow !!! the best !!!!!! Leo Messi !!!!!" Heart you, Ovi. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Nathan Gerbe is Carolina's nomination for the Bill Masterton trophy. [News Observer]

Former Texas Stars coach Willie Desjardins is among the coaches being considered for the Jack Adams award. It seems everything is coming up roses for ex-Stars people. [NESN]