Dallas Stars Daily Links: Despite Nashville, Stars Shouldn't Panic Just Yet

There are many things worth worrying about among the Stars this year. The last two games might not be indicative of most of them. Also, check out the origins of the uplifted stick after a goal and watch Rick Nash score from atop a referee's head. Watch from there, I mean.

The word "panic" actually derives from the hysteria said to have been induced by the ancient Greek god Pan. The so-named emotion has been depicted as a terrifying yet seductive reverie in some cases, but it is usually seen as a frenzied hysteria brought about by the sounds of the god's high-pitched shriek. In other words, it's not necessarily a rational fear that causes someone to panic—but it's not a completely hallucinatory response, either. Something unfamiliar and potent is there, its implications not completely known, and our reaction follows before the scene plays itself out. In fact, our reactions will probably dictate the scene. This is how we respond to most things when our minds are not calloused, prepared or informed enough about an unexpected event before it happens. You may recognize this response on the face of that guy who orders a McRib sandwich when they don't have it right now. He hadn't prepared himself to experience the entire menu of McDonald's as necessary reading prior to his dining experience and so his eyes flee from the shrugging cashier and race over the menu, skipping past all the $7 combos and Angus beef promises in vain hopes of porkish salvation. He has been blindsided with a sound he didn't expect ("I'm sorry, we aren't serving those right now") and his subsequent actions will be determined less by brain chemistry than by the fortitude of his emotions. Given his dining preferences, this man might well end up spending the night in jail after some regrettable actions.

After Nashville, we all responded. It is early in the season, so while disgust was probably there, we weren't forlorn or anything yet. The Chicago game carried some encouraging nutrients along with its bitter aftertaste, and so we kindly turn our heads, spit out whatever food they eat in Nashville, and cough. Nobody's like, totally freaking out yet, right? Good. I'll stop lecturing you then. Because I know you're not panicking yet.

At least, I really hope not, because if you are, Josh Bogorad has something to say to you:

First off, the season is two games old. Without question Dallas wanted better than one of a possible four points to begin the year, but it's not as if last week buried them in an early-season hole. Secondly, the final scores have not told the whole story of the games thus far. That's not to say the Stars should be content. They shouldn't. Certainly not with Saturday's game in Nashville. But if you just look at the scores, you miss a few pertinent details. [Stars]

And he's right. While it is of foremost importance to figure out what the Predators did that stopped the Stars so completelythanks, Joshit's also good to remember that this isn't a complete disaster just yet. In fact, it's not really all that unfamiliar at all. Again, Mr. Bogorad:

Is it a shock that Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn are both without points two games in? Without question, it is. But is it unprecedented? Absolutely not. Last year, while finishing 4th in the NHL in scoring, Seguin had two separate five-game streaks without a registering point. He also went a career-high 12 games without a goal at one point. By the way, in case you forgot, he finished tied for 5th in NHL goal scoring. If you think the Stars big names are going to stay quiet for very long, you are in for a rude awakening. It's a long season. [Stars]

Let's just sit back and ride this next week out while Dallas figures out who and what they are this year. If the Stars are still at one point four or five games from now, I'll dig up some truly terrifying mythological references for us to compare the season with right before we start screaming at the moon. Basically, it's a win-win.

Besides, look at the Bruins and the Kings. Two wins in seven games between the two conference superpowers. If anyone should be running naked in the woods in a state of abject terror, it should be them. (But please don't, Darryl and Claude. Please don't.)

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Tuesday Links are chock-full of everything except chock. What is that, anyway?

Nichuskin may be questionable for the Stars, but the Blue Jackets won't be listening to any injury complaints right about now. Mark Stepneski previews tonight's game. [Stars]

Mike Heika wonders if the Stars aren't being cliché enough. The results would certainly indicate something along those lines. (I was going to write a cliché there, but that would have been, well...) [DMN]

Remember that big hit Weber put on Roussel Saturday? Well, right after that, I remembered seeing Derek Roy wince for some reason, but I forgot to go back and see why. Turns out the reason was Ryan Garbutt, who at least learned something from the Corey Perry incident. Is this also part of Ruff's "deal" with the Brown alum? [SB Nation]

In better days, we had the Daley goal. This is almost out of a Dude Perfect video or something, really. USA Today hops on the "What a goal!" train. You know it's worth another look. [USA Today]

The Jonas Brodin six-year extension may very well be similar to what the Stars wanted to sign Dillon for. Minnesota got quite a bargain here, and the Stars would have, too. Dillon is probably smart to have punted for a year. [Wild]

Evander Kane will be out at least two weeks. So much for Winnipeg sneaking into the 8th spot. [CBC]

At 76, Bob Miller is still planning to keep calling Kings games on the road and at home, which we should all be grateful for. He's one of the great ones. [LA Times]

Forget your cowboy hats and swords for the player of the game. The Capitals are having politically themed fun in their locker room (without breaking the law, Ottawa). [CSN Washington]

Former Star Nicklas Grossmann and thankfully-never Star Vinny Lecavalier are both on the injury watch list, with the useful one expected back by next game, and Lecavalier out at least two weeks. [Broad Street Hockey]

If you thought Florida's home-opener was sparsely attended, then you might not want to see who showed up for the Monday night game. Nobody did. [CBS Sports]

Florida might benefit from a superstar if they're looking for larger crowds. One like Mr. Stamkos, perhaps, who potted a hat trick against Montreal last night in a 7-1 Lightning strike. Does he take the Rocket this year? [NHL]

I can't get enough of the helmet cam. Here's Rick Nash scoring a high speed goal. These guys are really, really good. (the refs, too, usually.) [YouTube]

More like Sergei Bobrovsky. [NHL Video]

Which five teams need a jersey/sweater/uniform overhaul? Not the Stars, because their uniforms are so much better than those black and white pajamas they were wearing just two years ago. Thank you, Dallas Stars Front Office, for fixing that. [Icethetics]

Speaking of not overreacting, check out Down Goes Brown's post recapping the weekend. Early days yet, folks. [Grantland]

No, Modano wasn't the one who made it famous: Players actually started raising their sticks after a goal because the league forced them to. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

I'm embedding this clip from Ruff's media session after practice yesterday both because it's interesting to hear and because my sister-in-law was right: his mustache is all tiny this year. Is the Ruffstache waiting for Movember?