Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stamkos' Extension Talks Will Set Precedent For Elite Forwards, Including Jamie Benn

The Tampa Bay captain's next contract will be the closest measuring stick for Benner's, says Mike Heika. Plus, a face in the crowd at the State Fair parade, and just grab Val Nichushkin for your fantasy team already, for cryin' out loud.

One of the best players in the NHL is about to start the regular season without a contract extension. That's a pretty big deal, actually, and even bigger because that player is Steven Stamkos, whose Tampa Bay Lightning came so close to beating the overdog Chicago Blackhawks to a Stanley Cup.

And one of the biggest effects Stamkos' next contract will have is in the precedent it sets for other elite forwards – including Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. Mike Heika held his weekly chat on Wednesday and addressed the issue head on:

It's a long ways away, but if Seguin's contract were up this offseason, would he get north of $10M AAV? I think they are more worried about how Stamkos will affect Jamie Benn. The cap's growth could be slowed by the problems with the Canadian dollar, so I'm not sure if the Stars can have a team where two players each make $10 million a year. It will be a drama worth studying in the future. On the good side, Patrick Sharp and Jason Spezza come off the books at just the right time to keep both Benn and Seguin happy, so Jim Nill is already thinking about those contracts.

The question of retiring the numbers of Jere Lehtinen and Sergei Zubov seems always to be in the back of Stars fans' minds. Heika gets why:

I agree. I think it needs to happen pretty soon. I'll ask around.

Heika also answered questions about how the Stars will look compared to the rest of the Murder Death Kill Central Division:

They can crack the top three, and I do think the Blues are the team to beat right now, but it will be a great race.

And he talked about what the Stars will miss most about Trevor Daley:

Probably that speed from having a defenseman join the rush. Daley would drive hard and go to the net or all the way around it. Nobody else on this team does that. That said, what they make up for with the defense from Oduya seems like a good trade off.

And he tackled the question you've been thinking for most of the summer now:

Question: Have you ever found out what possessed Klingy to get cornrows?

Heika: No, I'll ask this week.

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It's hockey night in Texas, y'all. The Stars play their first home preseason game against the Tampa Bay Lightning at 7 p.m. Central. If there's a way to watch or listen, you already know DBD has you covered. Check back.

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Finally: There was a familiar face riding for the Stars in yesterday's State Fair of Texas parade. Eat some of that chicken-fried lobster for me, Vic.