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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Black and White

Yesterday’s game against the St. Louis Blues ended on a sour note as the Dallas Stars gave up two (literally) last-minute goals to lose 2-1. What stings even worse is that those goals might have never happened were it not for a missed penalty call, which got even the ever-quiet Miro Heiskanen to speak out against:

“They didn’t tell me anything after that but yeah, I think that was a really bad call by them,” Heiskanen said. “I got tripped in the corner and they called me a slash… They didn’t tell me anything. I think they knew they were wrong but yeah, it sucks, like I said.”

Of course, blaming referees for a loss is nothing new in sports. Braden Holtby tried to focus less on those in black and white and more on the team’s own shortcomings:

“Those are tough,” Holtby said of the missed call. “Tough to swallow but at the same time, refs have a tough job. It’s not an easy one. You respect how they call the game, just like us players, when we make mistakes, we don’t want them yelling at us. It’s the way it is. I think for us, we just want to look at what we could have done better to not put ourselves in that position to start with and move forward.”

You can read more from Saad Yousuf here.

Stars Stories

At least this came out of it?

Making the game even more memorable was that Josh Bogorad had to call it solo, as Daryl Reaugh had tested positive for COVID-19 earlier that day:

Elsewhere in the Stars organization…

More frustration — John Klingberg addressed trade rumors after the team’s win over the Pittsburgh Penguins:

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