Dallas Stars Daily Links: Spending Time in "Swamp" Isn't Reason to Panic, Says Mike Heika

Dealing with this season's lows will be good for the team in the long run, Mike Heika says. Plus, the Stars face the Canadiens tonight, and a look at fan voting in the All-Star Game.

After the Stars lost 3-1 to the Flames on Thursday night, it was easy to feel a little down, or like the wind had been let out of Dallas' sails. But according to Mike Heika, there's no reason to panic about the Stars getting stuck in what he calls the swamp.

The Stars are being pulled back into the swamp.

Thing is, they probably need to be.

If you're going to eventually win in this league, you have to get dirty. And for the Stars to get to the place where they want to be, they have to live in the swamp for a little while. Because that's what the playoffs are like -- and, truth be told, this team doesn't know what the playoffs are like.

These tougher moments are the ones that help get the team for postseason play.

As much as we in the media make a big deal out of Dallas losing to teams with losing records, there isn't that much difference between the top and the bottom in the NHL. Maybe less than ever.

And that's why this process is good for the Stars.

There might not be another league where first-round playoff upsets are so prevalent. There might not be another league where the philosophy of "just get in" is actually a really good strategy.

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