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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Slow Improvement

After missing essentially the entire 2020-21 season, it’s taken awhile for Tyler Seguin to get back into the swing of things. But the Stars’ center is starting to show flashes of his former self, including a two goal, three point night against his former team, the Boston Bruins:

“Compared to training camp, I think I got humbled in many ways coming back,” Seguin said. “It was so positive because I didn’t have the pain anymore, but realizing pretty quickly that I still had a lot of things I needed to still work on as far as strength and explosiveness. Where I am now, the progress I feel like I’ve made, it’s great. Hoping to really see the full benefits as the year goes on.”

Helping his recovery was the Christmas/COVID-19 break, and the All-Star break will help even further. But Seguin isn’t content with slow improvement, whether it be his own game or the Stars’:

“If we did the same thing that we did the past 41 games, we probably wouldn’t make the playoffs,” Seguin said. “We’d probably be 4-6 points out. That’s where your standards can be and where you need to get to. This league is so tiny, maybe not as close as football with the playoffs last weekend, but it’s still pretty tight.”

You can read more from Matthew DeFranks here.

Stars Stories

The Stars take on the Calgary Flames today before going on a week long break:

Despite “losing” Jason Robertson, the Stars’ prospect pool has improved enough to climb 11 spots on Scott Wheeler’s list:

Around the League

In the only Central game on Monday, the Chicago Blackhawks fell 3-1 to the Vancouver Canucks:

Speaking of which, for their next GM search, the Blackhawks are receiving help from the most qualified advisors out there: former players.

No NHLers at the Olympics means a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some players:

And here’s a look on the women’s side, which will feature the game’s best:

Speaking of international tournaments, we might be seeing the World Juniors this summer:

Reid Boucher has been sentenced to four years of probation and one year of jail time suspended if he compete probation:

Finally, are the New York Rangers for real? Or just another overachiever inflated by good goaltending? Why does this sound so familiar…?