Dallas Stars Daily Links: Antoine Roussel and France Earn Second Upset Win Over Slovakia

In which France can beat anyone but Italy, the Habs and Bruins will play a Game 7, and the Ducks were supposed to have lost this series by now...

We'll start with the caveat. And that is that it's just the Worlds, it's not the Olympics. NHL players, and those from other leagues as well, whose teams are still competing are absent from the rosters, others decline the invites, the significance of the tournament is less... But that doesn't mean the significance is nothing. I mean, Team Canada is still icing a pretty strong contingent.

Which makes France's victory over them this past weekend quite the impressive feat. But of course it was just a fluke. Cristobal Huet kept them in it, got them to overtime, and of course anyone can win in a shootout. And sure enough France went out and lost to Italy in their second game, as if to prove the point.


But then it got interesting. For yesterday, France were losing 3-1 to Slovakia, ranked 8th in the world, with ten minutes remaining. But then they scored on a 2-man advantage, and 24 seconds later Antoine Roussel scored to tie the game. And then with 6 minutes remaining France had to kill off a nearly 2 minute 2-man advantage for Slovakia, did so, and then scored the game winner a minute later.

Our favourite Frenchman added his second of the night into an empty net to cap a second upset for the French.

They may not be challenging for a gold medal any time soon, although perhaps I should wait to see how they perform against Sweden on Thursday before I say that, but they've already shaken up the natural order of things. And for that, I'm a fan.

Oh, and on the subject of the World Championships, am I the only one that didn't know about the existence of Divisions I, II, and III? How could I have missed the showdown between Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates last month?!

* * *

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