Dallas Stars Daily Links: Diabetes Won’t Hold Riley Tufte Back

It requires additional adjustments, but Tufte is not letting diabetes prevent him from achieving his dream. Plus, Traverse City comes to a close, the top Norris candidates for 2019-20, and more.

Like many young hockey players, Dallas Stars prospect Riley Tufte is making the shift from collegiate to professional hockey this season. But the adjustment is bit more challenging for Tufte than most, due to having Type 1 diabetes:

“There is a lot of stuff that goes into my pregame that a lot others don’t have to do,” Tufte said on Friday. “It’s a completely different 180 from what they have to do. I think the main thing is eating at the right time and taking the right amount of insulin, and sometimes this 3:00 game, it kind of messed with it a little bit. Once I get on my routine, it’ll be just a normal routine again. But it gets a little tough at the beginning of the season, playing these games at odd times.”

Tufte was diagnosed when he was 11 years old, and was initially afraid he would have to stop playing hockey. But he drew inspiration from professional athletes who were diabetic, and even received a letter of encouragement from then Stars forward Toby Petersen:

“I remember one of my former teammates, who I can’t remember if they were a family friend (of Tufte) or a coach, said that there is a player that was diagnosed and it would be awesome to just get a couple of words of encouragement,” Petersen said. “With Riley, I remember the person saying he’s a big kid, he’s a good hockey player. Would hate for this disease to get in the way of what he loves.”

You can read more from Sean Shapiro here.

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