Dallas Stars Daily Links: Players-Only Meeting Held after Loss to Kings

The Stars are trying to figure out how to get urgency into their game without playing too urgently. That sounds difficult to me, and I'm not even a good hockey player! Also, He Who Must not Be Named quits a Broadway show, and Morrow is winning hearts in Tampa Bay.

The Stars held a players-only meeting after the loss to LA Tuesday night. You may be shocked, but there are no quotes about what was said. However, it doesn't take much imagination to hear Spezza calmly chiming in during Roussel's string of obscenity-laced encouragement to remind the team of what they can do well, what they should be excited about in their game. Even the worst teams in the league score more than once per game--albeit barely--so there's no doubt that the Stars will be scoring again before long. The thing to remember is, don't shoot yourself in the foot while you wait for those goals to come.

At practice on Wednesday, Mark Stepneski spoke with a few of the players, and they do seem to be emphasizing patience, reliance on all four lines, and no desperation or panic in their game. Of course, that can be tough in an offensive system that is supposed to be fast, high-octane and counterpunch-happy, but the players are determined:

"Play harder, go to the net harder and get some crappy [sic/ew] goals and just play the right way," forward Antoine Roussel said. "We’ve got to be smarter."

Those offensive struggles – which include power play woes - lead to impatience, which is creating opportunities for the opposition.

"I think when you lose a couple and give a couple away you press a little bit, and I think when that happens we’re pressing for offense. By doing that, we’re giving other teams grade-A scoring chances," said forward Shawn Horcoff. "That just can’t happen, it should be the opposite. We should be patient, and we should be able to rely and fall back on a team game. We know that we have offense. We have confidence that there are four lines that can go out there and get a goal, and we don’t need to press for that. We need to be able to be a little bit more patient."

Lindy Ruff: "I think the urgency of the players-only meeting last night, the meeting I had today is to say that we are on the radar. We are not flying under the radar anymore. Teams are paying a lot of attention to our best players, just like we paid attention to [Kings center Anze] Kopitar and those guys. That’s where our big boys can’t get frustrated and make the plays that cost us the game. Let’s keep it at 1-1 and wait for that break, and it might be a secondary line that gets that opportunity." [Stars]

Props to Lindy for not snidely saying, "Hey, at least I didn't put Spezza on Benn's line all night and unbalance the offense too much, right?"

If you're worried that the Stars aren't trying or caring, stop worrying. If you think that they will never score goals again, stop thinking. They will score. This is the journey through the mines of Moria for the Stars. Even in their preparations for the daunting task of an NHL season, they never expected to meet this much adversity this quickly. But Nichushkin is back, we have Jason Spezza on the team, still, and the Stars have a goodly set of home games in front of them after a brutal first 12 games of the season against some very good teams. For me, the one thing is the power play. If they can find a way to make that "advantage" somewhat eponymous, I think we'll start to see a lot more points piling up.

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The Stars' 7th-round pick from this summer, Patrick Sanvido, has been named captain of the Windsor Spitfires (OHL). The defenseman is 18 and goes by "Sandy." [Windsor Spitfires]

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And Patrick Sharp will join him on the shelf, as flyin' number ten will be out for "an extended period of time" with an undisclosed injury that is totally probably a rib injury or something from an Alexei Emelin hit. [THN]

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Marc-Andre Fleury has signed a four-year extension with the aforementioned flightless avian hockey team. $5.75 per year, and here are some initial reactions to the deal. (Note: Hey, wait, didn't I predict this? *checks predictions* Well, sort of. Five years, four years, Cup Final, early November, same thing. I AM CARNAC. Anyway, how good is Fleury? Oh, right--this good.) [Pensburgh]

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Aspiring actor Sean Avery has quit the play "Negative Is Positive" just days before its Broadway debut after an altercation with a stagehand involving an offer of free pizza. You think I am manipulating this to make it sound more ridiculous than it is, but, well, it's Sean Avery. [Page Six]

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Jack Johnson has been suspended 3 games for this hit, which did receive a two-minute penalty for an illegal check to the head: