Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars On Pace For 82-0.

I like winning. It's like, so much better than losing.

The Dallas Stars won a hockey game last night and it was good. This entire links post will be 100 percent free of Phil Kessel jokes about food even though the State Fair is in town. It's too easy of a target, and he was easily the Penguins best player last night. So, Phil can rest easy and dream dreams of....I don't know. I can't think of a Phil Kessel dream that doesn't involve food, and we said we weren't going to do that today.

You know what we will lead with though? How about OG Antti Niemi being awesome? This happened:

The Dallas Stars website lists Ales Hemsky as the Stars leading scorer with two points. Niemi needs to raise some hell to get goalies acknowledged on the Stars website. The age of the offensive minded goalie is upon us.

This was quite the debut for the Stars newest netminder. We expect Niemi and incumbent Kari Lehtonen to battle for playing time. If last night was the opening salvo in a long and protracted war for goalie supremacy the Stars will not lose a game. Niemi was phenomenal.

The rest of our links on this beautiful Friday morning, this day when Cole Hamels does magical things in Toronto, are here:

Over at Pensburgh lamentations are coming forth lamenting how bad the Penguins are going to be and how they will never score a goal. Go enjoy their tears. [Pensburgh].

Mike Heika identified John Klingberg and Valeri Nichushkin as breakout candidates..[DMN]

Nashville Predators rookie Victor Arvidsson was really excited about scoring his first NHL goal. [SBNation]

Jack Eichel also scored in his debut. [CBS Sports].

Not to be outdone, St. Louis Blues rookie Robby Fabbri scored his first NHL goal.

Razor asks us to "Put the D back in Dallas" which is probably the risky click of the day based on the title alone. [DallasStars.com]

Sean Shapiro opens up his Texas Stars mailbag for us. [wrongsideoftheredline.com]

Here's a now slightly dated preview of the 2016 season by the good people at WFAA. And by good people, I mean me. [WFAA]

Tim Cowlishaw gives you five things to watch for the upcoming Stars season. The highlight: dumping on Niemi before he even makes his first appearance in a Stars uniform. [DMN]

This gif is why the internet is the best invention of recent times.Here is Jason Demers wiping out after whiffing on a puck behind his own net.

The Dallas Stars are in first place. I could get used to this feeling. Have an enjoyable Friday.