Dallas Stars Daily Links: The NHL Reacts to Ottawa's Tragic Day

Bob McKenzie reflects on what Ottawa was, and what it hopefully can become again soon. Elsewhere, Ovechkin gives a brilliant interview, Nathan Horton might be out for the rest of his career, and Alex Pietrangelo gives a touching tribute to his niece.

In light of the tragic events that preceded the postponed game in Ottawa yesterday, I'd like to turn to someone far more fit than I to offer words for the situation. Let's go to Bob McKenzie and his thoughtful piece from yesterday. Give the whole thing a read if you want to get an idea of what Ottawa looked like before and after Wednesday's tragedy:

As I sat down at a table with my lunch, I happened to be seated close to a large group of teenagers, obviously on lunch break from their school.

It's funny to watch kids interact with each other sometimes. You never know what you're going to get but this group of kids, spread out over two or three tables, struck me as maybe the nicest, happiest kids you could possibly imagine.


In fact, it so made an impression on me I briefly thought about tweeting that I just saw a group of high school kids in Ottawa who made me feel really good about the world, about our "community," how uplifting it was to see such inherently "good" or "nice" kids, or so it seemed to me. I thought of their parents and how pleased they must be at how well, at face value anyway, their kids looked to be turning out.

I thought better of tweeting something, though, not feeling like opening a door to Twitter trolls, but as I went about my business in the mall -- going over to Hudson's Bay Co. to get a new watch battery; stopping by Chapter's to see if my book was on display; dropping into Starbucks for a tea before going back to the hotel to get my room -- I thought about how much I enjoy Ottawa, how safe and comfortable it always is there, how maybe more than any Canadian city I visit, it feels like home.


And amid the reports of the mall and the hotels and the schools and the office buildings downtown being locked down with reports of gun fire ringing out, I thought of those high school kids and I wondered how they must be feeling, how different it would have been from when I saw them last week.

None of us are naive enough to deny the existence of evil. It's all around us and it doesn't discriminate, not by country or city or town or village, so we shouldn't be surprised when it violently appears out of nowhere. When it does, there's no immunity.

Which is what makes today such a difficult one for everyone everywhere.

But‎ I'm sure it won't be long before I'm in Ottawa again and I'm going to go the mall and I hope I see those kids, still happy and smiling, doing their part to make sure good triumphs over evil.

Stay safe, Ottawa. Stay strong. [TSN]

Bob McKenzie, ladies and gentlemen.

Here's the Canadian national anthem being sung in Pittsburgh last night, just to round things out.

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