Dallas Stars Daily Links: Do The Ryan Suter And Braden Holtby Signings Make Sense?

Or are they two more #TrustedVeteran moves the Stars will live to regret? Plus, set your alarm for Zubov Night, keep an eye on the John Klingberg extension market, and more.

The Dallas Stars came into the offseason with very specific roster challenges. But most fans probably would not have guessed they’d address them by signing defenseman Ryan Suter and goaltender Braden Holtby.

The Athletic’s Saad Yousuf may have been the first hockey writer to posit that Suter could end up a good fit with the Stars’ narrow and particular needs on defense. He discussed the details of their ultimate deal in his latest article:

The biggest concern with Suter’s deal comes with the term and the NMC, which is the simplest matter to address. Suter is 36 years old and has four children. No matter where he signed this offseason, the full NMC was going to come with it. The way Nill does business, accounting for the human side of things — as with the signings of Joe Pavelski and Andrew Cogliano — Suter getting a full NMC is not a surprise.

The term, on the other hand, is the loudest talking point. Suter was looking for a multi-year deal and he had a few teams, including the Florida Panthers, eyeing his services. If the Stars wanted Suter in Dallas, they were going to have to bend on the term. Suter clearly wanted some long-term security and as a result, the Stars were able to bring the AAV down a bit.

But with the Victory Green Gang’s logjam in goal, what could possibly be the logic in signing yet another NHL-level netminder? Well, it’s pretty much what you might expect:

“The biggest thing is Ben Bishop’s health,” Nill said. “Ben, there’s still no clear resolution to his health. He’s continuing his rehab but there is no clear, as far as his injury, we don’t know when he’s going to play, if he plays. So, we decided we had to make a decision. He’s still rehabbing. The plan is to be ready some time during the season. We don’t know when that’ll be. We just thought it’s too much of a risk to take a chance of counting him into the lineup right now. You get another injury, now you’re in trouble.”

Nill said the Stars will monitor Bishop’s status as the season gets closer in terms of a decision to place him on long-term injured reserve. That determination will be made later. Nill was asked in plain terms in a follow-up question whether Bishop’s issue is career-threatening, not just season-threatening. Nill didn’t shoot down that possibility.

Saad has more – including Nill’s thoughts on pairings, and on John Klingberg (“Our objective is to get him signed”). [The Athletic DFW]

Want to hear The Mustache himself on the Stars’ first two days of free agency? GM Jim Nill talks about the Stars’ new blood in this video.

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And the guy they probably should have renewed, Andrew Cogliano, returns to California after signing with the San Jose Sharks.

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