Dallas Stars Daily Links: What If The Stars Made The Trades Fans Want?

Spoiler alert: Fantasy GMs should probably keep their day jobs. Plus, Kelly Forbes in the spotlight, the Canucks’ COVID conundrum, and more.

Welcome to Dallas Stars Fantasy League 2021! The NHL trade deadline is rolling up on us, and it’s time to bring out all your wildest dreams for player deals, depending on whether you think the Victory Green Gang is buying or selling.

Just don’t be surprised if none of those ideas will work in the real world. Sean Shapiro and Saad Yousuf engaged two professional contacts – an NHL executive and a scout – to gauge the likelihood of some reader-submitted proposals. The results are...about what you’d expect.

The fact that so many so-called fans want to trade John Klingberg for a huge bounty – maybe even a John Klingberg! – is as predictable as it is depressing. So it’s kind of nice to see the pros shoot down these prospective deals with extreme prejudice, as in this proposal to trade Klinger to the Philadelphia Flyers for a first-round pick, a second-round pick and center Morgan Frost:

Exec: Dallas says no, rather quickly.

Scout: That’s not enough for Klingberg. That’s value along the lines of a (Jake) Muzzin or a (Mattias) Ekholm. John Klingberg holds more value than that.

And if you’re going for the time-tested “trade depth players and inconvenient contracts for an elite scorer” gambit, you too may be barking up the wrong tree – as in the test case of dealing Esa Lindell and Joel L’Esperance for the Toronto Maple Leafs’ William Nylander:

Exec: Dallas says no. If they did that, I think they’d score more, but they’d also get much worse defensively and I think we saw what happened to Dallas a couple of years ago when they struggled defensively and how poorly that can go.

Scout: Toronto says no. This trade is a one for one. L’Esperance does nothing for me and Lindell isn’t worth Nylander.

There’s more behind the paywall. [The Athletic DFW]

Stars Stuff

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Around The Leagues

It was another quiet night in the #Disco, so let’s check out the headlines....

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And Boone Jenner will miss the rest of the regular season as he recovers from an injury sustained during the Columbus Blue Jackets’ 4-2 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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