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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Catching Up With Tyler Seguin

The Dallas Stars missed Tyler Seguin in 2021, but his fans may have missed him even more. As one of the NHL’s most personable superstars, he’s always good for a punchy quote or shareable photo, if not a minor controversy.

And the guy stays busy, as his offseason adventures attest. John Matisz of theScore caught up with Seguin a few days ago, just as the proud dog dad helped launch a new pet-product company, The Chew Club. Matisz’ conversation with the famously gregarious forward covered topics ranging from mental health to the NHL’s new TV deal to the Winter Olympics – as well as an update on his ongoing recovery from multiple surgeries:

…Once our season ended, I took off, I don’t know, probably six of seven days of training, and then I went right back at it as far as working out and rehabbing. I don’t know if I would call what I’m doing today rehabbing or working out. It’s kind of a hybrid. Here in Dallas, I’ll do my rehab/working out while the other guys are doing a lower-body lift, and on the upper-body days and core days, I’m doing the same workouts as the rest of the guys. Things have been progressing really well. I’m really happy with where I’m at right now, and I still have to take advantage of the next few months off here before it’s go time as far as continuously strength-building my quad and my hip post-surgery, but I love the progress, where I’m at. It’s exciting times. I’ve gone on the ice a few times lately, and if I remember where I was the first few times I went on the ice before I came back for a few games, I’m light years ahead….

…It’s been some wild times, but I’m really happy with where I am – especially mentally after everything. I had some dark days and dark weeks of just being in that grind, not being able to do too much in the gym, just slow methodical things that taught me pretty valuable lessons. I’ve had many surgeries throughout my career – well, I haven’t had many, but I’ve definitely had a few – but none as grueling as this, none where I had to then go back under the knife a month after a major surgery with some knee stuff. It’s definitely a process that I’m going to look back on for years.

And while Seguin has no intention of retiring any time soon, the combination of his injury and the pandemic gave him an opportunity to explore an off-ice avenue for the creativity he’s shown in the rink:

…You realize hockey is going to end at some point. I think injuries open you up to that aspect as well, which is something you don’t fully understand when you’re a kid in the league and living your dream. So, a lot of my business now, I guess you could say, has been transferred from endorsements to equity, and then now, with this company, being an actual owner. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I’m definitely wearing my heart on my sleeve with this one. So, hopefully, people like it.

I’ve always wondered what I’d be doing next, and a big thing that’s happened as of late, really, is that once COVID-19 hit, before I went into the bubble, I started learning a lot more about business. I found a lot of my days were spent in my office, studying different things and talking to different people. Now I have another property elsewhere. There’s also networking and getting into the golf world. Business just seems to, I don’t know, make me excited and make me happy, and I have a lot of fun with it. Now, with me having my own company, I’m trying to understand things, whether it’s how to market something or figure out what makes this toy better than the next toy or what makes this treat healthier than the next treat. I find a lot of joy in that. That’s why, for sure, when I’m done, I’ll be doing something along these lines.

There’s more under the link – and there’s no subscription required. [theScore]

By the way, if you’re only reading this for photos of Segs with his precious boys, it’s best to go straight to the source.

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