Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Tyler Seguin Watch, 2019-20 Edition

Could this be a career season for Segs? Plus, more scenes from hockey summer, the real star of the 2019 draft, and more.

We talk all the time about whether the Dallas Stars are in win-now mode. But what are you willing to bet that Tyler Seguin is in win-now mode pretty much all the time? And how will the Victory Green gang’s franchise center respond during a season of heightened expectations?

Stars senior staff writer Mike Heika projects that Seguin will come into the 2019-20 campaign with a potentially explosive combination of skill, savvy and motivation:

Since joining the Stars in 2013, Seguin ranks fifth in NHL scoring with 464 points in 469 games. However, his 80 points last season ranked 28th in the league, so there are some who believe he needs to up his totals. That said, he was the team’s best skater and he continues to be one of the Stars’ most consistent players. Seguin had 334 shot on goal last season, fourth in the league, but saw his shooting percentage dip to 9.9 percent. His shooting percentage since joining the Stars in 2013 is 11.3 percent, so a simple return to average will result in an increase in scoring.

Also important is the fact he played in 13 playoff games and tallied 11 points (four goals, seven assists), helping the Stars to Game 7 in the second round against St. Louis. Before that, Seguin had just seven playoff games with the Stars, including just one since 2014, so getting to be a big factor in some huge games was big for Seguin.

Segs will become the Stars’ highest-paid player this season, so both the fans and the front office will no doubt be watching his performance closely:

Seguin currently ranks 13th in the NHL in salary-cap hit at $9.85 million, so he is going to face some pressure. He seems to thrive on that....

He seems to be hitting the peak of his career, combining his talent with his experience, so it’s not unreasonable to think he might post his best numbers ever this season.

Of course, a career season for Segs is a pretty high bar, so it’s interesting to contemplate what that might look like. Mike has more there, and it’ll be fun to discuss here. [Dallas Stars]

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