Dallas Stars Daily Links: Can Benn And Seguin Raise Their Games?

Or are Stars fans expecting them to find a next gear that isn’t there? Plus, Oskar Lindblom returns to play, it’s raining Game 7s, and more.

Now that the Dallas Stars have given up a two-game advantage to the Colorado Avalanche, what will we see from their biggest stars during today’s deciding Round 2 game?

Whatever it is, it may not be what the team needs, writes Sean Shapiro. Stars fans may have expected it, but there’s a new book out on Jamie Benn: that at 31, the Benn who could activate Beast Mode at the drop of a puck just isn’t there anymore.

I thought this shortened format would bring us the best version of Benn, one who was healthy and rested. Instead, the round robin has proved that Benn can’t drag this team out of a skid anymore, just like he couldn’t do it when the team lost six straight games to end the regular season before the stoppage.

“He doesn’t take games over anymore; it’s been at least two years since that happened where you actually have to fear Jamie Benn,” one NHL scout said. “There are games he dials it back up, and he gets respected because of what he’s done in the past in-game prep, but in reality, he’s not a superstar you worry about.”

Additionally, Shapiro’s questions to 10 NHL scouts have led to the uncomfortable conclusion that Tyler Seguin may not be able to drive a line anymore:

Case in point, the Stars have struggled to find a line fitting since the restart that gets the best version of Seguin. A player of the caliber Seguin is conceived and paid to be shouldn’t need the right fit to make an impact.

“He’s not getting the same amount of help he used to with Benn’s decline,” another scout said. “If he went somewhere else, he may return to form, but Dallas doesn’t have the supporting cast, and he can’t carry a team.”

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Stars Stuff

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The Stars know what they have to do. Now we’ll find out if they can finish the job.

Around The League(s)

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The Vancouver Canucks forced the Vegas Golden Knights into a Game 7 of their own behind a 48-save shutout by rookie and new Nucks demigod Thatcher Demko.

On top of the Flyers’ big win, Oskar Lindblom returned to play for the first time since his bone cancer diagnosis, so it’s pretty emotional out there.

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