Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Stars Get Their Groove Back At Home

And while it’s “not really a blueprint for future victories,” it’s a place to start, writes Heika. Plus, the NHL cancels its Olympics date, previewing the 2022 World Juniors, and more.

The Dallas Stars are on break right now, along with the rest of the league, and it’s hard to say if this is a good or bad time for it.

On one hand, the Victory Green Gang has just begun another much-needed winning streak. On the other, they have an opportunity to fine-tune their play for the hard slog back into playoffs contention.

Stars senior staff writer Mike Heika took stock of the team’s last two games in his latest piece. And while he doesn’t find a blueprint for success in the home record, he’ll take those two victories as a good start:

Dallas was the better team Monday in a frenetic, highlight-filled 7-4 win over the Minnesota Wild at American Airlines Center. It stacked that victory on top of an equally non-traditional overtime win over the Blackhawks Saturday and now have two wins in a row as they stop for a few days because the NHL would like to get a hold on the pandemic that seems to be making a resurgence in North America.…

“I think everyone left it out there on the table,” said winger Jason Robertson, who finished with two assists. “It’s a good feeling going into this little mini break we’re having.”

Now the team has to figure out how to manage both the expected and unexpected breaks in play – and how to keep this new winning streak alive into their next contest:

If it’s Dec. 27 against Nashville at home, that would be a perfect transition. If it’s later on the road, that would be fine too. The Stars were scheduled to play in Chicago on Thursday, and that would’ve been a great challenge, [head coach Rick] Bowness said.

“I was looking forward to going into Chicago and getting a road win, and that’s obviously not happening,” Bowness said of the shutdown. “We’re still kind of digesting it, the whole thing here. I just heard about it after the game, so we’ve got to digest the game and then we’ll figure out what we’re doing. We’re not doing anything until December 26 at two o’clock.”

There’s more at Mike’s place. [Dallas Stars]

Stars Stuff

“Seven different goal scorers – I believe that’s two short of Santa’s full team of reindeer.” Monday’s win boosted Razor’s holiday spirits in a big way.

Meanwhile, Riley Tufte and Thomas Harley are headed back to the Texas Stars – where the games are also postponed (see below).

Around The Leagues

#Murder Was The Case

This is how quiet it was in the Dirty Central – and in most of the rest of the league – last night. Between COVID and Christmas, only the Tampa Bay Lightning and Vegas Golden Knights saw any action.

You knew this was coming, and now it’s here.

Here’s the official announcement from the league.

Of course, this could also make it easier to reschedule some of those pandemic postponements.

How to sum up in a single tweet:

In case you haven’t noticed, the Vancouver Canucks under Bruce Boudreau have gotten better. A lot better.

In fact, the way they’ve righted the ship is remarkable enough that former NHL coach Rocky Thompson took a close look at the specifics.

If the World Juniors are your favorite holiday gift, take a look at how Group B, including Team USA, will shape up. (Stars-related note: Sergei Zubov coaches Team Russia.)

Meanwhile, Team Canada is practically its own group.

Sad news: Curt Ridley, a former NHL goalie (and later, a Stars fan) whose customized masks are still memorable, has died at age 70.

Greetings From Scenic Cedar Park – And Beautiful Boise

ICYMI, it’s official – where the Winnipeg Jets can’t go, their AHL affiliate can’t go, either.

The Idaho Steelheads are often a source of unalloyed Stars hockey joy, and this season is no exception.


The Steelheads Booster Club wishes you a happy holiday break. Ya filthy animals.