Dallas Stars Daily Links: Getting To Know Rick Bowness

The Stars’ interim head coach has been around the block a few times. Plus, predicting Peter DeBoer’s next move, meet the NHL Draft’s next big star, and more.

In interim head coach Rick Bowness, the Dallas Stars have chosen a man who has coached since 1984, at almost every level of the game.

Old Hockey Guy? Sure – but Bowness says the basics are a valuable foundation for every new generation of players:

“So many things about our game are changing, how you coach, how you teach, how the players see things, but the fundamentals of the game never change, and so you have to be strong in your fundamentals,” Bowness said in February. “I know how the game has been played in every decade from the ‘70s on, so that gives you a pretty good base of fundamentals.”

And before he became a coach, he had a nearly decade-long career as a professional player:

A second-round pick (26th overall) by the Atlanta Flames in 1975, Bowness appeared in 173 NHL games with Atlanta, Detroit, St. Louis and Winnipeg.

In addition to Bowness, the 1975 NHL draft also produced a few other notable names around the league today, including Minnesota Wild coach Bruce Boudreau, who was selected after Bowness by the Toronto Maple Leafs with the 42nd overall pick.

Jeff Odom has more in his list of Five Things to Know. [Dallas Stars]

Stars Stuff

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Here is the only reference to this you will find in Thursday Links. Enjoy it, or something.

Around The League(s)

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  • In an otherwise quiet night on Murderers’ Row, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the Philadelphia Flyers 3-1. Gritty was unavailable for comment. [Mile High Hockey]/

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Ever looked at the hockey updates and just said, “needs more Ilya Bryzgalov”? Sure, we all have. Enjoy.