Dallas Stars Daily Links: On Getting Down To Work

There’s no time like the present to start looking like a regular-season team, writes Mike Heika. Plus, Dustin Byfuglien is officially suspended, Gabriel Landeskog raises concussion awareness, and more.

It’s hard to take a single preseason loss all that seriously – not even one as gruesome as the Dallas Stars’ 6-0 drubbing by a Florida Panthers team that’s starting to look like a contender.

But Stars senior staff writer Mike Heika sees a pattern developing. And he advocates dropping it before it becomes a habit:

...Yes, it’s just preseason. Yes, the top players on Saturday were playing their first game since May. Yes, they have time to change this pretty quickly.

Still, the Stars have not looked good so far.

This team with great expectations of immense improvement looks a little too much like the flawed squad last season that might have depended too heavily on great goaltending and impressive penalty kill.

And at the risk of sounding like An Old™, he names an aspiration for the current Stars that reaches back into their most storied era:

One of the things I loved about the turn-of-the-century Stars was the fact they loved the pressure, they wanted the expectations, they fed off of the hype. They had swagger, because they knew what they could do.

They had plenty of fun, to be sure, but they also knew when it was time to get serious.

It’s that time for this group.

Mike has more. [Dallas Stars]

Stars Stuff

Here are Heika’s observations from a night to forget in Oklahoma.

Speaking of practice, don’t forget that the Stars’ Frisco sessions are open to the public.

It’s the perfect time to speculate on whether Tyler Seguin will have a good season or the greatest good season.

And Jeremy Fuchs takes a look at the Victory Greening of Corey Perry and Joe Pavelski.

NBC is asking. It’s like you have to say something.

Around The League(s)

Jon Lane has been paying close attention to the preseason, too. Here’s what he’s noticed.

Can Dale Tallon and Joel Quenneville recapture some of their Chicago Blackhawks magic with the Panthers?

Bob McKenzie reports that this is “not nearly as ominous as it sounds” and that the Winnipeg Jets are simply saving cap flexibility by suspending Dustin Byfuglien.

The NHL Officials Association is reportedly about to finalize a new four-year CBA.

Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog is raising his voice about the physical and mental anguish of head injuries in hockey.

In Hockey News All-Access: Team Mexico could be the next Olympic Cinderella story, with help from legend Hayley Wickenheiser and her annual hockey festival for girls.

Greetings From Beautiful Boise

The Idaho Steelheads are feeling hockey season, and they want you to feel it, too.


Oh, like you haven’t wanted this. Enjoy.