Dallas Stars Daily Links: Why Are The Stars So Bad At Keeping A Lead?

Matthew DeFranks did some math, and he tries to explain. Plus, an All-Star Weekend update, a round of weather postponements, and more.

The Dallas Stars aren’t the only team that tries to turtle while they’re ahead. They’re just worse at it than just about everybody else.

The Dallas Morning News’ Matthew DeFranks took a hard look at how the Stars have become such dab hands at blowing leads. In the process, he found a series of cheerful factoids that will probably make your day, unless they don’t:

Every team is a worse version of themselves with the lead. Teams tend to sit back more. Opponents ratchet up the desperation. There’s always a push from teams that trail, and every team in the NHL has worse possession figures when leading vs. when tied or trailing. It’s just that Dallas’ are close to the bottom of the league.

For instance, when the Stars are tied or trailing, they are responsible for 53.49% of shot attempts at 5 on 5. When they are leading, the Stars’ share of shot attempts drops to 40.96%. The 12.53% difference between the two is the biggest dropoff in the league.

The consequences are...well, you know:

It’s possible that losses like Tuesday’s vs. Calgary (and December’s in Vegas and January’s in St. Louis) might keep the Stars out of the postseason. That’s six points that the Stars had in their grasp but let slip away. Dallas didn’t even send any of those games into overtime.

Matt has more. [SportsDayDFW]

Stars Stuff

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Greetings From Scenic Cedar Park

Thanks to the weather, the Texas Stars are working remotely this weekend, except where it counts.


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