Dallas Stars Daily Links: Is Jim Montgomery On The Hot Seat?

It seems ridiculous, but bookmakers don’t like his odds – for now. Plus, meet the top NCAA prospects, the James Neal comeback continues, and more.

The Dallas Stars have gotten off to a rough start in 2019-20, but there have been enough good signs to give fans hope that the ship will right itself soon.

So it seems weird that gambling types are forecasting head coach Jim Montgomery as an early favorite to lose his job this season. Monty didn’t even make the preseason predictions in this area, so it takes some explaining:

According to the gambling company BetOnline, in the early season the leading candidate for dismissal is Dallas coach Jim Montgomery, who has had the misfortune of starting the year against last years’ Stanley Cup finalists....

Still, the sportsbook has some decent reasons for its pessimism. Dallas is a team with expectations, which is always dangerous context for a slow start. The Stars haven’t just played Boston and St. Louis; in their third game they were crushed on the shot clock by a Detroit team that isn’t highly regarded.

The Athletic’s Jonathan Willis is quick to slow this roll, however:

But before we shrug our shoulders and agree with the provided favourite, it’s worth taking a look at the only-slightly larger picture. The Stars had four-game stretches like this last season. They were the exception rather than the rule, and they weren’t front-loaded in the schedule, but the team weathered them and it’s entirely possible it will do the same after this early blip.

Montgomery’s status as the odds makers’ front-runner is so entirely based on the early results that if those results are overcome he’ll revert to being what he was two weeks ago: a well-regarded coach in no particular fear of dismissal.

There are several more predictable candidates, and at least one other “ludicrous inclusion,” in the full article. [The Athletic]

Stars Stuff

Up 2-0, lose in a shootout? The Process was the biggest loser last night against the Calgary Flames.

There’s a lot of drudgery involved in getting big wins, and even close losses.

Around The League(s)

In On The #Kill Taker

  • The St. Louis Blues overcame an early two-goal deficit (and Vitaly Abramov’s first NHL tally in his first NHL game) to defeat the Ottawa Senators 6-4. [Silver Seven]
  • The Nashville Predators brought the offense in a white-knuckle 6-5 win over the Washington Capitals. [On The Forecheck]
  • The Colorado Avalanche are off to a 3-0-0 start after beating the Boston Bruins 4-2, with help from a strong performance by Philipp Grubauer. [Mile High Hockey]
  • In Central-on-Central violence, prodigal forward Patrik Laine turned in a four-point performance as the Winnipeg Jets strafed the Minnesota Wild 5-2. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • And the Chicago Blackhawks gave the San Jose Sharks their first win of the season in their own home opener. [Fear The Fin]/

So the Sharks looked at their record, went “needs more Patrick Marleau,” and...it worked?

Oh, and there’s this, too.

The Bruins’ fast start has catapulted them to the top of the Super 16 rankings. [NHL]

Meanwhile, James Neal’s fantasy stock is heating up fast.

Ryan Kennedy has his eye on a rich crop of NCAA prospects.

And CBC has an anniversary worth celebrating, right here.


Lazlo Holmes, a.k.a. Chance the Rapper, looks like he’s going to be everywhere this season. Enjoy him while you can.