Dallas Stars Daily Links: Miro Heiskanen May Be The Best Young Defenseman In The NHL

And that’s one more thing for Stars fans everywhere to be thankful for. Plus, the plays that saved the season, the Bill Peters CYA saga, and more.

You may not celebrate American Thanksgiving, but the advent of Miro Heiskanen is something all Dallas Stars fans can be grateful for.

Mike Heika is a fan, too. The Stars’ senior staff writer puts it this way in his latest #HeyHeika social-media mail bag:

I hate to make these proclamations, because I watch [Heiskanen] every game and I don’t watch other players near as much. But I will say that I have never heard people rave about a young player the way the Stars coaches do about Miro. The comment from Jim Montgomery where he said the coaches are like we in the media in saying, “Wow” about a few times a game, that’s a pretty strong statement. I laugh at Daryl Reaugh putting him in the Hall of Fame and retiring his number already, but people like Razor, Brent Severyn and Craig Ludwig who have been around the game for 30-plus years, extolling the virtues of a 20-year-old defenseman the way they are…that says he is something very special.

So, short answer, yes, I think he is the best young defenseman in the game right now.

The Stars’ blueline gets the lion’s share of attention this time out. Here Heika addresses a question about whether Esa Lindell should be getting more love from fans:

I think a lot of it comes down to it’s tough to be a defensive defenseman. You are mostly noticed when you don’t do your job. If a goalie gets a shutout, he typically gets the credit no matter what the shot quality is. If a guy is left alone in front of the net, the defenseman gets the blame. Likewise, because defensive defensemen are out on the ice while protecting a lead while opposing players fire away, their Corsi and SAT (shot attempt differential) get a big hit....

I typically go with the evaluation of the coaches in situations like this. A veteran coach like Rick Bowness loves Lindell and puts him out there in the toughest situations, so he feels Lindell is doing his job. That said, it can be a very tough job, so there will be mistakes and room for criticism.

There’s more at Mike’s place. [Dallas Stars]

Stars Stuff

The Stars are giving thanks for many of the same things you do.

Sean Shapiro counted the Stars’ blessings in a slightly different way.

Around The League(s)

Some people have to work on Thanksgiving, but not the #MurderDeathKill Division. That just means Black Friday takes on a ripe new meaning with these Dirty Central games:

  • Winnipeg Jets at Anaheim Ducks, 3 p.m. CT
  • Chicago Blackhawks vs. Colorado Avalanche, 3 p.m. CT
  • Minnesota Wild vs. Ottawa Senators, 3 p.m. CT
  • Nashville Predators at Carolina Hurricanes, 6:30 p.m. CT/

The Avs are slowly working their way back to full strength: Mikko Rantanen may be back in the lineup as early as Saturday.

The Bill Peters story has devolved into a CYA operation with extreme dispatch. This RT with  response may sum up everything you need to know.

Greetings From Scenic Cedar Park

ICYMI, the Texas Stars finally have something to be thankful for. Let’s hope this is a trend.


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