Dallas Stars Daily Links: A Very Dallas Stars Christmas Eve

Find out what your favorite players are watching (and waiting for) at holiday time. Plus, next week’s games could be postponed, unless they’re the Winter Classic. And still there’s more!

The NHL is on break, due to Christmas and COVID combined. There’s very little to talk about in the Dallas Stars world. So the Stars are talking holidays. Some of your favorite players chimed on the best and worst gifts, their favorite movies, and more of what makes December special.

Bad gifts? No such thing, say Jamie Benn and Alexander Radulov. But some are...better than others. (Just listen to the way Esa Lindell says “Gameboy.” You know that was his very own version of the Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.)

Personally, I don’t get the “Home Alone” love when “Scrooged” is just sitting there, waiting for you to walk toward it...but everyone can agree that Santa Claus is from Finland.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Stars Stuff

Matthew DeFranks is opening the Stars mailbag, and he’s inviting you to drop something in.

Meanwhile, Saad Yousuf is going full Festivus on his Twitter feed.

Razor and Heika discuss the burning issues facing our team today, and the answer to all of them is the MiroRoboRoopSki.

Clearly, scoring a goalie goal is the only approved New Year’s wish for Braden Holtby.

Around The Leagues

#Death Notes

So the Krampus took those Dirty Central games you’d planned to enjoy on DVR this weekend. Cheer up! New Year’s Week promises plenty of action, beginning December 27...

  • St. Louis Blues vs. New Jersey Devils
  • Winnipeg Jets vs. Minnesota Wild
  • Colorado Avalanche at Vegas Golden Knights/

Caveat: The NHL may postpone more games next week...except for the 2022 Winter Classic. An update – plus perspective from a guy who’s played a lot of games at Target Field. [NHL]

If you can’t wait for the World Juniors, here’s the episode of “The Rink” for you.

And here’s a bonus learning on international etiquette from TSN.

Wayne Gretzky weighed in on Alex Ovechkin’s pursuit of his “unbreakable” record – and surprise no surprise, he’s on Team Ovi.



The Pittsburgh Penguins couldn’t decide which holiday movie to recreate, so they did all of them. (Except “It’s A Wonderful Life.” And “Elf.” And...well, they couldn’t actually do all of them.) Enjoy.