Dallas Stars Daily Links: Details About a New Third Jersey

Big jersey news for today. Also, the Panthers are basically done, and John Klingberg is in a video

Well, I don't know about you, but the Stars really did knock one out of the park (baseball term) when they introduced their new Victory Green color scheme back in the summer of 2013. After having their classic Cup-winning jerseys stripped from them because of the demands of a new Reebok Edge jersey that actually poured sweat directly into players' gloves and skates, the Stars found themselves saddled with onerous basketball sweats for the next half decade. Then came Victory Green, and then came the playoffs. Last year, I mean. Not this year, I don't think.

But guess what? It sounds like things might just be getting even better, as a new third jersey just might be on its way.

There aren't any new pictures yet, unfortunately, but here's what I can tell you after having seen--yes, I have seen it--the jersey Jim Lites is talking about below. Boy oh boy oh boy, is this what it feels like to have special information? This is amazing. It's like everyone is holding colby jack cheese, toasted sourdough bread and unopened cans of tuna while I have the room's only can opener. Let me just relish this feeling.

Okay, that was nice.

Now, here is what I can tell you:

-Black is part of this jersey

-The logo on the front is one you have seen before, but not for a little while

-There is another color featured heavily that is not white, black (actually, neither of those are colors, technically) or silver

-The sleeves end with this same color

-Green is involved, although it's slightly darker than victory green

My overall thoughts? The logo on the front is fresh and new, and it is one that I think will really catch on in just the way an alternate jersey's look is supposed to. The color combination is a little strange, but that's not unusual for a third. There was something else about it I can't quite put my finger on, but the chest logo definitely reminded me of something I've seen before...I just can't remember what it is. Oh well. I'm sure someone else will figure out what that is once the jerseys become popular around the AAC.

Here is a release from the Stars with a quote from Jim Lites:

Note: I truncated or [completed] some of the below quotes to give the most salient information.

Hockey is a game that is as rich in tradition as any of the major sports played on this continent.

In fact, the game honors that history with its symbol of a league championship, Lord Stanley's Cup, which has been passed on to winning teams since 1893.

The Dallas Stars, for now, are bucking tradition [with their new third jersey].

"It's a fusion of Texas icons and the spirit of the Dallas Stars," said Stars team president Jim Lites. "We wanted to pay tribute to the State of Texas."

The jersey incorporates not only new colors, but an entirely new logo as well.


Anyway, check out the whole story. Really, you should click that link.

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Tatting Day has been celebrated internationally for over a dozen years. Today is International Tatting Day. Tatting is the skill of making delicate, elegant tatted lace. It is enjoyed by thousands of people.

(By the way, if you're a little irked at the "new third jersey" bit above, just remember that the Stars started it two years ago.)

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