Dallas Stars Daily Links: Devils Downed as Stars Head to Western Canada

After holding New Jersey to not five goals, the Stars prepare for beautiful British Columbia and Alberta. Also, free links

Short post today as the Stars gear up for another couple of days off before their big trip to one of the top three countries in North America: Canada. Here are some quick and dirty takes from my brain to your eyeballs or ears, if you are using text-to-speech software.

  • The Stars are in the middle of a stretch where they play three games in twelve days. While that might sound nice a relaxing, it's going to be very tough for them to look at the standings by the time they face Vancouver on Wednesday, and not just tough from a playoff perspective.
  • Dallas is nine points out of a playoff spot right now. They need to have one heck of a December (and every month from here on out, really) to even pretend like they have a shot at chasing the 8th spot in the conference.
  • On the other hand, the Stars aren't really anywhere near the bottom of the league either. They are one of nine teams with 27 points or fewer. It's worth contemplating: are the Stars really bad enough to fall to a bottom-five position by the end of the year? A look at their roster says no, while a look at their season says, "well, apparently they can be." It's hard to have a ton of hope for this season right now, but I'm going to default to anticipating a massive winning streak until the Stars really threaten to establish a high draft-pick position later in the winter.
  • Ales Hemsky should be given red-tinted sunglasses from now on, since he looks like an amazing player any time the team opposite him is New Jersey. If Ruff sticks with his meritocracy, will Hemsky continue playing on Eakin's wing? After getting goals from a few different places last night, there's probably no reason not to keep lines stable. But Ruff gonna Ruffle, so who knows.
  • Kari Lehtonen made some saves that the Stars needed last night, but that still shouldn't have been a 4-3 game. Finish some more of the chances, guys. Speaking of which...
  • Let's hope Travis Morin can pot one of the glorious opportunities that seem desperate to find him. Morin chipped some paint last night, and he could have had another goal on a chance from the slot. Erik Cole really looked good on that line last night (as well as McKenzie).
  • Founders has an IPA by the name of Devil Dancer. That may be the Stars' drink of choice today after Klingberg & Co. found their way by many, many New Jersey skaters last night. Klingberg with his mojo going is my favorite thing about this season so far along with
  • Seguin donuts. We may well be witnessing the best offensive season in Dallas history. No matter what happens, let's enjoy that.

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Sunday Links, like Willy Wonka employees that fall into the chocolate river, are short and sweet.

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