Dallas Stars Daily Links: Montreal Canadiens to Face the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals

In which good triumphs over evil in the East, less-evil triumphs over evil in the West, and due to some scheduling idiocies, we have to wait another two days for the conclusion of the second round...

How the mighty have fallen. Remember that talk about the potential of rematches in both Conference Finals? Well it for sure isn't happening in the East, because the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins both suck were eliminated in Game 7's.

Speaking of Game 7's, is anyone else loving the parity this season in the playoffs? Round 1 saw only one sweep, and one 5-game series. The rest went 6 games or the distance. And now in the second round, 3 of 4 will go to Game 7, while the only one to not go all the way ended in overtime of Game 6.

Because yes, the LA Kings won in LA, to force a Game 7. Considering the other three series all ended with victories by the away team, perhaps things are looking good for them as they head down the street to Anaheim.

* * *

Care for a glimpse into the stressed mind of a Habs supporter during game 7 last night? Eyes on the Prize sums it up pretty perfectly.

When Iginla hit the post, I swear to Maurice Richard, I blacked out for a second. I need professional help after this game whatever the result.

The Canadiens outscored the Bruins 7-1 in the final two games of the series, whilst facing elimination. Way to step it up... [Puck Daddy]

No recaps out of Boston tonight. Merely sadness placeholders. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

Wait wait wait... Milan Lucic was disrespectful during the handshakes after the Boston-Montreal series ended? Such a fine upstanding player. I can hardly credit it! [ProHockeyTalk]

And one last one about the Habs-Bruins, but only because I'm not sure what to think of it and want some feedback. I can't tell if it's hilarious, or pathetic. Yahoo Sports Canada apparently seeks out Bruins homers for their hockey writers... This is kind of painful though. [Yahoo Sports Canada]

Chicago Blackhawks fans should cheer for the Ducks, because they're not as good as the Kings. There's some inherent contradiction in there that I just can't quite put my finger on. [NBC Chicago]

Speaking of the Kings and Ducks, nobody really cared about them last night. How could you, when the Bruins and Habs were duking it out in Game 7? Nevertheless, despite the lack of caring, Anaheim and LA went ahead and played their game, and the Kings won. Game 7 on Friday night, and the Ducks will be facing elimination for the first time! That pleases me. [NHL.com]

Now now Stephen Harper. Nice to be supportive of your country's sports teams, but let's not mock Vancouver and Toronto in the process. Too soon.

More rumours about an NHL team in Seattle! [King 5]

And lastly, I'm not entirely sure why, but seeing Milan Lucic upset just really amuses me, so we'll close with him in the handshake line with the Canadiens: