Dallas Stars Daily Links: Mike Smith, Devan Dubnyk Showing What Backups Goalies Are For

The Stars have had the opposite of good luck with goaltending, but Arizona has found a gem of a backup thus far. Also, Jakub Voracek is really great, and Kevin Klein is also great even when his ear is falling off

Things have not gone well for the Stars this season. Of all the places the Stars needed stability this season, goaltending was at the top of the list, as it should always be. The Stars' defense was going to be, erm, fluid from day one, and even with the turnover the blueline has seen, the Stars were always going to need Kari Lehtonen to come up big more than a couple times a game. When he went down early last season with a groin injury, the Stars saw just how much they needed the big guy in goal, as Dan Ellis and Jack Campbell were less than adequate in net. To nobody's surprise, the Stars got over their early season funk last year once Lehtonen returned to action, and they rode the Finnish stallion hard the rest of way, quickly losing confidence in Ellis before trading for Tim Thomas right before the deadline.

Kari had a good season last year, as has been well documented. But the Stars brass were all preaching the same things as always about getting him down from playing an enormous 65 games to something like 55+ per year. Last year, Thomas and Ellis put up a 7-10-1 line for Dallas, which is less than the .500 record you'd like to have a backup provide. (Jack Campbell also played a game last year, but it's better not to mention it; in retrospect, I believe it was a sneak peek of what kind of defense Campbell would have in front of him in Cedar Park this year.)

This year, of course, the Stars' backups are well on their way to driving us to send postcards to Tim and Dan with overt hints that they should "stop on by the rink sometime, bring your gear, who knows what might happen, emoticon wink." Lehtonen has stumbled far below his career norms in Dallas, and Rynnas and Lindback have put up half a dozen horse collars in the win column. The competition-based plan has only really driven the backup duo to match each other in the sense that the two backups are technically tied in wins so far.

One of the offseason options the Stars passed on that I've mentioned a couple times was Devan Dubnyk. After being informed that he wasn't even good enough for Edmonton, he finally found his way to Phoenix, which is in Arizona, where the Coyotes play ice hockey. What has he done so far? Well, let's just say the Coyotes have needed him more than they planned, per Five for Howling:

The Coyotes have themselves an issue. Mike Smith has struggled this season, that is undeniable. Also undeniable is that Devan Dubnyk has performed fairly well in limited duty this season. Which has led to discussion that goalie number 40 should be starting as often if not more than goalie number 41 right now.

Is that a reasonable request? The traditional numbers would suggest so. All numbers before Thursday's game against the Los Angeles Kings.

Mike Smith 19 5 12 2 3.23 .891 0 562
Devan Dubnyk 7 5 1 1 2.43 .922 1 232

As the chart shows, the numbers are clearly in favor of Dubnyk. He has as many wins as Smith in fewer than half the starts. His save percentage is much higher and his goals against is streets ahead. This should be a no brainer, right? [FFH]

FFH also goes through all the possible factors that might be helping each goalie, so give it a read. Lots to parse.

With the Coyotes possibly looking to shed salary, one has to wonder if the Stars would take a look at either of the goalies. Would they gamble on Dubnyk continuing his limited success if the Coyotes sent some other salary their way as well? Mike Smith is in the second year of a six(!)-year deal averaging a $5.67 million cap hit, so he would seem to be the obvious choice for Arizona to move, but that contract is as odious as it gets right now.

Either way, the Stars have to be shaking their heads given their situation in net: their former ace backup is faltering in a big way while the passed-over backup shines. Goalies, right? The more you look at what's out there, what's working, and what the Stars have right now, the more you're forced to admit that the Stars will be trusting Lehtonen to be Kari Lehtonen for the immediate future. But don't be surprised if another goalie does find his (or her; paging Shannon Szabados...) way to Dallas sooner rather than later. As Nashville has shown us, the difference between great goaltending and [euphemism] goaltending is more points than the Stars can afford this year.

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