Dallas Stars Daily Links: Mike Heika Turns to "The Breakfast Club" to Describe Tyler Seguin

The Stars' biggest personality has become a barometer of fan sentiment, Heika says. Plus, John Klingberg, Norris candidate; and another scoring drought ends, dramatically.

How you react to Tyler Seguin may depend on where you live.

Adored in Big D and booed in Beantown, such a cultural chameleon is the Stars' biggest superstar that Mike Heika sat down to describe the effect he has on the three cities with which he is most closely identified:

He is the handsome kid for Stars fans, who want to embrace a winner so badly. He is the curious hot dog in Toronto, where critics in the Center of the Hockey Universe aren't quite sure he plays a "Canadian" enough game. He is the punk that got away in Boston, where he was booed lustily Tuesday because he no longer wears the colors of the Bruins.

It's a great example of his potential as an athlete and an entertainer. It's a great case study in how we need to judge people. It's a great look into culture and age and humanity, really.

All this reminds Heika of the kids from The Breakfast Club, who realized they didn't have to care what other people thought of them as long as they were being true to themselves, or to the legions they (and all of us) contain.

...[W]ith each bit of exposure comes the chance to be judged. With each flash of lightning comes a bit of a risk. Seguin knows that, and he still rushes in with the confidence of The Breakfast Club, declaring that "You see us as you want to see us... In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions."

The kids in the John Hughes classic knew they were flawed, and they embraced it as "a brain..and an athlete...and a basket case...a princess...and a criminal."

Seguin might be the same way.

There's much more at Heika's place, as per usual. [SportsDayDFW]


BREAKING UPDATE: Your friend stephasaurusrexy alerts you to an AMA featuring Texas Stars beat writer Sean Shapiro (Wrong Side of the Red Line) at 2 p.m. Central time TODAY in the Dallas Stars subreddit. Go and ask him all the questions. [Reddit]

Heika's been busy since Boston. Here's a look at the Stars' youth movement, starting with the deadly duo who lead the league in scoring and ending at the fourth line, current home of Radek Faksa, Mattias Janmark and Devin Shore. [DMN]

Did you know that Ty-Lord opened up "a can of good-lookin' how-ya-like-them apples" in Boston Tuesday? Daryl Reaugh does. Behold Razor, being Razor.

John Klingberg did not win the Calder Trophy as a rookie, but he should be a contender for the Norris Trophy this year, says Jared Clinton. [The Hockey News]

Look who's back on the ice! It's good to see Curtis McKenzie making progress in recovering from his injuries.

Do you expect to see Stars in the 2015-16 playoffs? So does the NHL on NBC panel.

Did you know that Corey Perry scored his first goal of the season last night? (Today is November 5, for those of you who found this via the Wayback Machine.) He finally, uh, broke his duck to send the Ducks to OT (and eventual victory) over the Panthers. [CBS Sports]

In other end-of-the-world news, Sidney Crosby scored his second (2nd) goal of the season to help the Penguins beat the Canucks. [Sportsnet]

In the same game, a Phil Kessel shot dinged off a post hard enough to send it all the way back to the Penguins bench. Have you ever seen anything like this? The answer is no, you have not. [Puck Daddy]

And Eric Fehr made a nice bit of history.

Meanwhile, Connor McDavid has a broken left clavicle. He's scheduled for surgery and will be out "long-term," according to Edmonton Oilers coach Todd McLellan. Here's hoping he recovers quickly and well. [ESPN]

Wayne Gretzky says he knew McDavid's injury was bad the moment he saw it, but called it "a hockey play gone bad." [Sportsnet]

With McDavid probably out of the Calder race, Ken Campbell takes a look at the rookies who now have a shot. [THN]

What now for the Oil? After their Enron-level mismanagement of Leon Draisaitl's rookie season, the big German center may be their only hope to save this one, says Matt Larkin. [THN]

Meanwhile, in #JustMDKthings, the St. Louis Blues made up a three-goal deficit but lost goalie Brian Elliott during a comeback win over the Chicago Blackhawks. [Puck Daddy]

Speaking of goalies, and goaltending, if you think the nets are too small for today's moon-sized minders, Mike Babcock has your back. [NBC Sports]

Finally: We've all said BennGuin at one time or another, but what if someone actually put that on a jersey? It would be...surprisingly cool. [Fansided]